Sasha Banks, Naomi Tease Comeback; RVD Talks WWE Return; Finn Balor Calls out Reigns

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Sasha Banks, Naomi Continue to Tease Comeback

It's becoming increasingly apparent Sasha Banks and Naomi are on their way back to WWE.

Every dirt sheet across the IWC has already pegged the former women's tag team champions for a return, and WWE's ongoing tournament to determine their replacements as champs offers an obvious storyline.

After months of radio silence, the pair have also become active again on social media.

Naomi posted a screenshot of a TikTok featuring the two Sunday on Twitter:

Trinity Fatu @NaomiWWE

<a href="https://t.co/H4SMcDspGU">pic.twitter.com/H4SMcDspGU</a>

As soon as Vince McMahon's departure from WWE became official, the door opened wide for Banks and Naomi to return. It was clear their biggest overall problem with the company was the booking of McMahon, who often treated the women's tag team championships like an afterthought.

One of Triple H's most obvious actions since taking over for McMahon is elevating midcard championships. The Intercontinental and United States Championships have been given main-event billing on Raw and SmackDown, along with video packages that touted the history of the two historic titles.

The women's tag team belts don't have the same rich history, but they are being given prominent placement in an eight-team tournament taking place on Raw and SmackDown. Getting Banks and Naomi back in the fold will only continue the positive momentum that's taken place since Triple H took over creative.

Rob Van Dam Wants a WWE Return?

Despite being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021, Rob Van Dam did not have any sort of legacy in-ring run to close out his career with the company.

It appears Van Dam is still hopeful that will happen. The 51-year-old has been making media rounds recently and spoke about potentially teaming with Riddle if he came back to WWE.

"That would be awesome, yeah," Van Dam told Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston. "I feel like if they wanted me there, then I would be there. They would make it so that I would want to be there. So on the front, without having any, just being on the fence and not feeling hungry or either way, just whatever happens, like RVD is, I feel like that. I don’t know what they wanna do, what their plan is, what their agenda is for all their talent now. They seem like they want more normal-looking people that normal-looking people can relate to. I really don’t even know. It’s whatever, but you know I’m around, and I do have a legends deal with WWE."

Tagging with Riddle isn't Van Dam's only idea for a return. He also said he'd like to go one-on-one with Bobby Lashley.

“I don’t know, maybe Bobby Lashley. I have been in the ring with him before and he is in a very, very good position right now," Van Dam said at WrestleVerse.

While Van Dam would undoubtedly create a short-term pop from fans, it doesn't seem likely Triple H will bring back his Attitude Era brethren for an extended run. Van Dam hasn't wrestled in WWE since 2014. He's essentially been sitting as a free agent since leaving Impact in 2020, and WWE hasn't even chosen to bring him back for a Royal Rumble pop.

Maybe the latter is coming at some point, but it's hard to imagine Triple H's new creative direction including a ton of legends.

Balor Wants Reigns Rematch

The last time Finn Balor took on Roman Reigns, WWE decided to book one of the worst finishes of the last decade.

If you've understandably blocked it out of your memory, it went as follows: Balor summoned the Demon and was seemingly on the precipice of winning as smoke filled the ring and the camera did that whole Bray Wyatt-tinged red effect.

Then...the ring broke. Because...apparently being a demon adds 800 pounds to Balor's frame or something? We don't really know. WWE essentially never mentioned the finish to the match again and quietly moved Balor down the card into the King of the Ring tournament.

It seems Balor has not forgotten the unfortunate ending.

"I think me and Roman Reigns have a lot of unfinished business," Balor said on WWE's El Brunch. "There was a little bit of a questionable finish to our last match at Extreme Rules. When the top rope, mysterious broke in our championship match. So, I feel like there's definitely a rematch due with myself and Roman. So, hopefully, we'll get to that, soon after Clash at the Castle."

Balor is currently feuding with Edge and the Mysterios after overtaking the Judgment Day stable, which is a storyline that has again left him spinning his wheels. He is on the shortlist of talents that will hopefully benefit most from Triple H's reign after consistent starts and stops under McMahon.

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