The MLB Player From Every Team Most Likely to Be Traded in 2022-23 Offseason

Zachary D. RymerAugust 10, 2022

The MLB Player From Every Team Most Likely to Be Traded in 2022-23 Offseason

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    You know what they say: When one trade season door closes in Major League Baseball, another one opens.

    OK, fine. Nobody says that. But since the reopening of the trade market for the 2022-23 offseason will be here before you know it, we've gotten a head start on speculating on a trade candidate for every MLB team.

    You'll find no prospects among our selections, as that's a conversation for another day. This is more about established stars that rebuilders could be willing to cash in and other players who have become awkward fits for contenders. This latter bunch includes players with bad contracts, change-of-scenery candidates and seemingly expendable assets.

    We'll go division by division, starting in the American League East and ending in the National League West.

American League East

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    Mike Stobe/Getty Images

    Baltimore Orioles: OF Anthony Santander

    2022 Stats: 102 G, 433 PA, 20 HR, 0 SB, .262 AVG, .342 OBP, .463 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2024

    The Orioles could really shake up the offseason market if they make All-Star center fielder Cedric Mullins available, but Santander is the more practical winter trade candidate. He was an oft-mentioned trade chip ahead of the Aug. 2 deadline, and he should still have decent value on the offseason market. After all, what's not to like about a switch-hitter with power who still has a couple of years to go until free agency?

    Boston Red Sox: 1B Bobby Dalbec

    2022 Stats: 98 G, 303 PA, 11 HR, 2 SB, .203 AVG, .277 OBP, .365 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2026

    It's hard not to think about Rafael Devers getting the Mookie Betts treatment with his walk year looming in 2023, yet Dalbec is to Devers here what Santander was to Mullins above. The slugging first baseman is in an awkward spot, caught between Eric Hosmer at the major league level and ascendant prospect Triston Casas down on the farm. The Red Sox would be doing Dalbec a solid by moving him to a team that could offer him more playing time.

    Red Sox @RedSox

    Bobby D-estroyed! <a href=""></a>

    New York Yankees: CF Aaron Hicks

    2022 Stats: 98 G, 352 PA, 6 HR, 9 SB, .222 AVG, .348 OBP, .314 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2025, with 2026 option

    According to Brendan Kuty of, the Yankees considered ways to unload Hicks and fellow veteran Josh Donaldson ahead of the trade deadline. If they try again this winter, Hicks will probably be the easier one to move since he qualifies as a change-of-scenery candidate at this point. He is also the younger of the two players and due to earn a non-outrageous $31.4 million between 2023-25.

    Tampa Bay Rays: RHP Tyler Glasnow

    2021 Stats: 14 GS, 88.0 IP, 55 H (10 HR), 123 K, 27 BB, 2.66 ERA

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2023

    Even though he was always due to miss most if not all of the season recovering from Tommy John surgery, Glasnow came into 2022 as a trade candidate all the same. That was because of the mismatch between the rate at which arbitration is escalating his salary and how low the Rays prefer to keep their payrolls. With Glasnow lined up to at least match his current $5.1 million salary for his walk year in 2023, the Rays might see little choice but to shop him.

    Toronto Blue Jays: INF/OF Cavan Biggio

    2022 Stats: 62 G, 202 PA, 3 HR, 2 SB, .219 AVG, .338 OBP, .367 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2025

    Mere weeks after he began the season as the team's Opening Day second baseman, the Blue Jays demoted Biggio after he had hit just .044 in April before landing on the COVID injured list. He's been better since he resurfaced on May 26, but he also seems even more expendable following the club's deadline-day deal for veteran utility man Whit Merrifield. It would behoove the Jays to see if another team values Biggio more highly than they do.

American League Central

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    AP Photo/Nick Cammett

    Chicago White Sox: 3B Yoán Moncada

    2022 Stats: 65 G, 260 PA, 6 HR, 0 SB, .197 AVG, .258 OBP, .322 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2024, with 2025 option

    We're suggesting Moncada on the chance that the White Sox prioritize lightening their bloated payroll this winter. Because his production has cratered, and he's owed $47.6 million between 2023-24, this would be a tall order. But as long as the White Sox were willing to kick in a prospect or two, a rival team could be willing to take the fallen star on as an upside play. Jake Burger would then take his place at third base on the South Side.

    Cleveland Guardians: RHP Shane Bieber

    2022 Stats: 21 GS, 131.2 IP, 115 H (11 HR), 134 K, 29 BB, 3.21 ERA

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2024

    As ESPN's Jeff Passan reported, Bieber was one of the controllable pitchers the Guardians were willing to listen on ahead of the Aug. 2 deadline. But only if the offers were "exorbitant," of course. Perhaps this was a one-time thing, but it's hard not to wonder otherwise on account of the 2020 AL Cy Young Award winner's diminishing returns and upward-trending salaries.

    Rob Friedman @PitchingNinja

    Shane Bieber, K'ing the Side with Filth. 😷<br><br>8Ks thru 5 <a href=""></a>

    Detroit Tigers: LHP Gregory Soto

    2022 Stats: 40 G, 38.2 IP, 28 H (1 HR), 40 K, 19 BB, 3.26 ERA

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2025

    All eyes were on a different Soto ahead of the trade deadline, but Jon Morosi of reported that the Tigers made their hard-throwing closer available. Because he's under team control through 2025, they don't necessarily have to do so again this winter. But with his salary due for a sizable bump in arbitration, it's possible Detroit will be open to offers that would allow it to sell high and save money at the same time.

    Kansas City Royals: RHP Brad Keller

    2022 Stats: 21 GS G, 119.1 IP, 119 H (13 HR), 80 K, 44 BB, 4.45 ERA

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2023

    Perhaps MJ Melendez's rise will spur the Royals to shop Salvador Perez this winter, but the veteran backstop actually going anywhere is surely a long shot. Because the team is short on reliable hurlers, the same may also be true of a Keller trade. But with the right-hander headed for his final year under club control in 2023, it's plausible that the Royals won't wait until next year's trade deadline to field offers for him.

    Minnesota Twins: RF Max Kepler

    2022 Stats: 88 G, 350 PA, 9 HR, 2 SB, .233 AVG, .331 OBP, .373 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2023, with 2024 option

    The Twins had good timing when they extended Kepler ahead of the 2019 season, which ultimately proved to be a breakout campaign marked by 36 home runs. His star has unfortunately faded since then, which has predictably breathed life into periodic trade speculation. None of it has led to anything yet, but the Twins might still consider moving Kepner and handing his job to Trevor Larnach or Alex Kirilloff as a means to save money.

American League West

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    Alika Jenner/Getty Images

    Houston Astros: RHP José Urquidy

    2022 Stats: 21 GS, 119.1 IP, 113 H (20 HR), 94 K, 26 BB, 3.85 ERA

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2025

    The Astros will only have a surplus of pitchers to deal from this winter if they retain Justin Verlander, either through his $25 million player option or a new agreement. In that event, Urquidy could make his way back to the market. Passan tabbed him as the "most obvious" trade deadline candidate among Houston's starters, with Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic further reporting that the Astros had their sights on controllable catchers and center fielders.

    Los Angeles Angels: DH/RHP Shohei Ohtani

    2022 Hitting Stats: 107 G, 460 PA, 25 HR, 11 SB, .256 AVG, .348 OBP, .501 SLG

    2022 Pitching Stats: 19 GS, 111.0 IP, 89 H (12 HR), 157 K, 27 BB, 2.68 ERA

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2023

    As recently as a couple of days ago, Ohtani looked no more likely to leave the Angels this winter than he had been ahead of the trade deadline. Maybe not so much anymore, as comments he made to reporters (h/t Sarah Valenzuela of the Los Angeles Times) indicate that he's become demoralized with the state of things in Anaheim:

    Bill Shaikin @BillShaikin

    All the losing makes it hard to play with 'high morale,' Shohei Ohtani says.<br><br>From <a href="">@Sarah_IsabelVee</a>: <a href=""></a>

    It would thus stand to reason that Ohtani isn't in a rush to sign an extension with the Angels, which in turn makes it hard to disagree with ESPN's Buster Olney's stance that the team will have to "seriously consider" trading the 2021 AL MVP this winter.

    Oakland Athletics: C Sean Murphy

    2022 Stats: 100 G, 410 PA, 13 HR, 1 SB, .245 AVG, .320 OBP, .430 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2025

    Though he ultimately didn't follow Frankie Montas and Lou Trivino out the door, teams were interested in acquiring Murphy from the A's before the deadline. That interest is all but certain to be revived this winter. The raise that Murphy is due in arbitration is bound to spook the A's, who have two much cheaper catching options standing by in the minors in the persons of Shea Langeliers and Tyler Soderstrom.

    Seattle Mariners: OF Kyle Lewis

    2022 Stats: 18 G, 62 PA, 3 HR, 0 SB, .143 AVG, .226 OBP, .304 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2025

    After a promising 2019, Lewis positioned himself as the Mariners next star center fielder with a Rookie of the Year-winning effort in 2020. Injuries and the rise of Julio Rodriguez have nixed that idea to a point where the Mariners don't have a starting job for Lewis right now, even though he's healthy. In lieu of keeping him stashed on the bench or in the minors in 2023, the Mariners should look for takers for him over the winter.

    Texas Rangers: RHP Joe Barlow

    2022 Stats: 30 G, 30.1 IP, 23 H (4 HR), 23 K, 8 BB, 3.26 ERA

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2027

    The best bet for the Rangers is that they won't be quick to subtract from their major league roster this winter. Barlow is thus another "lack of a better idea" pick on our part, but hear us out on this idea. With Jonathan Hernandez recently emerging in the closer's role amid Barlow's absence with a blister, perhaps the Rangers would be amenable to swapping out Barlow for players who would fill more immediate needs?

National League East

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    Michael Reaves/Getty Images

    Atlanta: LF/DH Marcell Ozuna

    2022 Stats: 103 G, 432 PA, 19 HR, 2 SB, .213 AVG, .264 OBP, .388 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2024, with 2025 option

    According to Barry Jackson and Craig Mish of the Miami Herald, Atlanta tried to offload Ozuna in a bad-contract swap with the Miami Marlins that would have brought back Avisail Garcia. That didn't pan out, but the defending World Series champions can't be blamed for wanting to rid themselves of a player who's been suspended for violating MLB's domestic violence policy and otherwise gone cold at the dish since he signed a $65 million contract.

    Miami Marlins: RHP Pablo López

    2022 Stats: 22 GS, 123.2 IP, 107 H (14 HR), 125 K, 37 BB, 3.57 ERA

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2024

    By all accounts, the Marlins were serious about trading Lopez at the deadline. They ultimately didn't find a deal to their liking, but it should surprise nobody if he's back on the market during the offseason. As a top-of-the-rotation starter with team control for two more seasons after 2022, he's just the kind of trade chip to help the Marlins land the left-handed-hitting slugger that Jackson and Mish say the team wants.

    New York Mets: C James McCann

    2022 Stats: 33 G, 103 PA, 2 HR, 1 SB, .185 AVG, .252 OBP, .283 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2024

    McCann was the Mets' first big signing after Steve Cohen bought the team from the Wilpons in 2020. Two seasons later, he looks like a bust worth cutting ties with. That should be eminently doable in a trade as long as Cohen is willing to eat the veteran's remaining contract, and the next step was to involve dipping further into Cohen's extravagant wealth to sign a Willson Contreras, a Gary Sanchez or a Christian Vazquez in free agency.

    Philadelphia Phillies: 3B Alec Bohm

    2022 Stats: 101 G, 409 PA, 8 HR, 1 SB, .294 AVG, .330 OBP, .413 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2026

    Nick Castellanos is already trending toward being the Phillies' very own McCann-like bust, but it's a bit soon for the team to be scrambling to get rid of him. Bohm isn't exactly a likely goner either, but he could conceivably be on the table if president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski gets a notion to add to his history of blockbuster trades. It's not like the Phillies are well-stocked with prospects for him to trade, after all.

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    AN ABSOLUTE BOHM <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#RingTheBell</a> <a href=""></a>

    Washington Nationals: 1B Luke Voit

    2022 Stats: 88 G, 368 PA, 15 HR, 1 SB, .233 AVG, .326 OBP, .431 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2024

    Voit is only with the Nationals because Hosmer used his no-trade clause to block a move to D.C. Yet MLB's home run champion from 2020 is already making the most of his situation, as he's already clubbed two long balls for his new team. If he keeps that up, the rebuilding Nats could try to pitch him as a relatively low-risk slugging addition on the winter market.

National League Central

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    Joe Sargent/Getty Images

    Chicago Cubs: LF Ian Happ

    2022 Stats: 106 G, 436 PA, 9 HR, 6 SB, .276 AVG, .356 OBP, .432 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2023

    Though it was more shocking that the Cubs opted to hold on to Contreras with only months left between him and free agency, it was likewise a surprise when they also retained Happ at the deadline. The Cubs' next step may be to try to extend the well-rounded outfielder, but it may be just as likely that they'll try again to move him ahead of his walk year in 2023.

    Cincinnati Reds: 1B Joey Votto

    2022 Stats: 85 G, 350 PA, 11 HR, 0 SB, .215 AVG, .331 OBP, .389 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2023, with 2024 option

    Is "likely" pushing it here? Why, yes. But given that he might have enough left in the tank to actually be worth his $25 million salary for 2023, Votto figures to be a better fit for a salary-dump trade than Mike Moustakas, whose value is kaput. Assuming he's willing to waive his no-trade rights, the Reds also frankly owe it to Votto to move him to a World Series contender at this stage of his career.

    Milwaukee Brewers: 1B/2B Keston Hiura

    2022 Stats: 46 G, 151 PA, 10 HR, 4 SB, .240 AVG, .351 OBP, .488 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2025

    Speaking of bad contracts, how much do you think the Brewers would like to offload Christian Yelich this winter? Alas, that's likely not much more than a daydream. The Brewers should instead focus their efforts on arranging a change of scenery for Hiura, who's too much of a reverse-splits guy to hack it as a platoon hitter. Other teams could be attracted to his power, youth and controllability.

    Pittsburgh Pirates: CF Bryan Reynolds

    2022 Stats: 94 G, 391 PA, 16 HR, 5 SB, .257 AVG, .343 OBP, .449 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2023, then club control through 2025

    Reynolds has been a hot target at each of the last two trade deadlines, so it perhaps says a lot about the Pirates' confidence in their contention timeline that they've thus far resisted the temptation to cash in. But how much longer can they continue? Probably at least until next summer, but they could break sooner if Reynolds continues to put up his own resistance to the club's extension overtures.

    St. Louis Cardinals: SS Paul DeJong

    2022 Stats: 33 G, 122 PA, 5 HR, 3 SB, .162 AVG, .262 OBP, .362 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2023, with 2024-25 options

    Following their trades of Harrison Bader and Edmundo Sosa, the Cardinals don't have as much depth on the position player front anymore. Yet it could be to their advantage that DeJong has been reviving his trade value with a bit of a power display since he was recalled from the minors on July 30. The Cardinals could look to move his contract, with Tommy Edman then taking over shortstop on a full-time basis.

    St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals

    💯 for <a href="">@RealPaulDeJong</a> <a href=""></a>

National League West

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    Harry How/Getty Images

    Arizona Diamondbacks: LHP Madison Bumgarner

    2022 Stats: 22 GS, 116 IP, 124 H (16 HR), 80 K, 37 BB, 3.96 ERA

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2024

    As Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported in July, the Diamondbacks "would love to move" Bumgarner in a trade. Wishful thinking? Probably. But it figures that the Snakes will nonetheless try to find a taker for the veteran southpaw again this winter, and they might just find one if they agree to eat most or all of the $37 million he's owed over the next two years.

    Colorado Rockies: RHP Germán Márquez

    2022 Stats: 21 GS, 121.2 IP, 129 H (20 HR), 98 K, 43 BB, 5.18 ERA

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2023, with 2024 option

    Speaking of wishful thinking, a Marquez trade has been oft speculated about but obviously never actually consummated by the Rockies. With his value having blown up amid a lost 2022 season, that may not change this winter. But if the team decides it wants to trim payroll, such a trade may be their best shot. His '22 results notwithstanding, rival clubs could look to Marquez's track record and his upward-trending velocity as signs that his upside is still there.

    Los Angeles Dodgers: CF Cody Bellinger

    2022 Stats: 101 G, 401 PA, 15 HR, 11 SB, .212 AVG, .269 OBP, .405 SLG

    Contract Status: Under club control through 2023

    It's been some kind of downswing for Bellinger over the last three years, wherein he's tallied just 1.7 rWAR after putting up 16.7 rWAR in his first three seasons with the Dodgers. As the 2019 NL MVP is due a raise on this year's $17 million salary in 2023, a non-tender may be in the offing. But as Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic and surely many others have speculated before us, the Dodgers could try and pursue a trade before pushing that button.

    Los Angeles Dodgers @Dodgers

    Belli is two good. <a href=""></a>

    San Diego Padres: LHP Blake Snell

    2022 Stats: 14 GS, 72.2 IP, 61 H (6 HR), 95 K, 36 BB, 3.96 ERA

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2023

    Courtesy of Rosenthal, Snell briefly appeared in trade speculation in July. That made some sense at the time, but the Padres may be more reluctant to move him this winter, given that Sean Manaea and Mike Clevinger are due for free agency. Yet the front office might have to entertain the idea if ownership wants to cut a payroll that's exploded in the last couple years. Snell's $16.6 million salary for 2023 would be a reasonable sacrifice to this end.

    San Francisco Giants: OF Mike Yastrzemski

    2022 Stats: 98 G, 368 PA, 11 HR, 3 SB, .220 AVG, .315 OBP, .393 SLG

    Contract Status: Under contract through 2025

    Life has come at the Giants fast, as they've gone from winning 107 games in 2021 to suddenly facing an uncertain future in 2022. With so few building blocks in their midst, it would make some sense for them to cash in one of their short-term assets. A Yastrzemski trade would fit the bill on account of how he should be a platoon hitter on a contender rather than an everyday player on a pretender.

    Stats courtesy of Baseball Reference, FanGraphs and Baseball Savant.


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