J.D. McKissic Talks Game-Winning TD vs. Falcons, Taylor Heinicke, More in B/R AMA

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured Columnist IVOctober 5, 2021

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 03: J.D. McKissic #41 of the Washington Football Team points to the stands after a win over the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on October 03, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If J.D. McKissic had his way, the Washington Football Team would stay the Washington Football Team.

The veteran running back joined B/R for an AMA session to discuss a number of topics. Among the most notable, he weighed in on his team's potential rebrand, discussed teammate Taylor Heinicke and recounted his game-winning touchdown in Week 4 against the Atlanta Falcons.

The following is the full transcript from the session.

@DcSports77 What was going through your mind as you laid out for the end zone in the final seconds vs. ATL?

I gotta score the TD man. When you get that opportunity, you don't want to get pushed out of bounds. I just wanted to take flight. I'm fortunate to have that opportunity. Since I did it in college, I wanted to do it in the NFL so bad. I just wanted to make it when I leaped. I've watched that play probably 1,000 times already. It's still fresh.

@NotTraeTurner What was your biggest challenge heading into the league?

Just the playbook. It was very different. I was coming from a fast-paced offense. There were so many adjustments I had to learn.

@CorbanRichardson Hey JD, it's Corban. I played with you for 3 years at ASU. How has your 2016 season contributed to your success now? (From ATL, to getting cut and bouncing around teams, etc.)

The development. I had the opportunity to be on the practice squad. I had the opportunity to work with a lot of people that helped me develop and get onto the active roster. 2016 was great for me. I still do things that I learned from the guys back then. I learned a lot in Atlanta.

@Wes7 Why No. 41?

When I went to Detroit, I looked on the website to see what number they gave me. The safety at the time is like 'nah I'm 21.' So, I went to the equipment guys and No. 41 just fell into my lap.

@SMXC How do you prep for gameday? Any special routines/rituals?

It's more of the night before. I want to get a good pregame meal. It really starts the week before. You want to have a good practice because that carries over into the game. Diet, film, hydration, studying -- those are all things that help. When I get to the hotel, I want to watch a movie. I like DragonBall Z, Manga, Godzilla, Planet of The Apes.

@Kingtd When did you know Taylor Heinicke was a dog? Do you have any good stories about him or funny moments?

You're talking about 'Baby Russell Wilson?' When he first got to the team, you could just see his confidence. You could feel his key, his energy. I came up to him and introduced myself. I think Coach Turner told me he had a 700-800 yd. passing game. I was like 'ok.' It was his time to play. He came into the game and was just so relaxed. You could tell he'd been there before. He's just a baller. That's how he reminds of Russell Wilson so much: he'd do anything. He'd do anything to win the game, regardless of what the score is.

@Bucante Funniest teammate?

I probably give it to Daron Payne. He's real lowkey, but he's hilarious.

@ripcity3 Favorite Pete Carroll story?

A new guy will come to the team. Pete Carroll will tell these stories. They'll get a few guys that are already on the team. He will use someone like 'Michael Bennett or Ty Lockett.' They'll use this sad music and dim the lights. Pete will tell sad made-up stories about some of the team's veterans and then he'll pick someone to come up and say something, who is usually the new guy who just got to the team. And the new guy is all shook up about hearing these sad stories. So, the new guy will come up and start to introduce themself and say something deep because Pete said something deep to set it up. You'll start telling this deep story, then everyone will yell 'sit your ass down' out of nowhere. Pete will throw paper balls at you. That's one of the funniest stories about him.

@aaronklein Why do you take all the fantasy points away from Gibson?

Man, I'm happy you spoke on that. Fantasy people gotta stop bro. Me and AG are like brothers. We can't control who is doing what. We represent Washington on the front and McKissic and Gibson on the back. Please stay out of the comments with the nonsense because I can't control it lol

@SSmith1993 If you could rename the team, what would it be?

Washington Football Team

@FitchKarma66 Favorite part of Washington?

Craziest thing is, I haven't even been to D.C. yet. It has been all ball for me right now even though I've been there for 2 years.

@Ehahn Any thoughts on the nickname 'Smooches' that some people have given you?

That's cute.

@Brendanlunalol How do you feel about your Madden22 rating? (77 overall with 88 speed, 90 acceleration)

It hurts me to see Madden do me like that. I spend a lot of time in Madden. I play franchise with my friends and win Super Bowls. To be treated like that, it hurts. It sucks to see them do me like that.

Rapid Fire

@yellow12 The 3 defenders you do not want to see waiting for you in the hole are? 

Aaron Donald, John Allen, Daron Payne and Big Matt.

@Blank214269 Go-to fast food place?


@Not_DJMoore What's your favorite city to play in (outside of Landover)


@Shaddock21 Zebra cakes or cosmic brownies?


@Jasper_Pail Top 3 RBs in the league right now?

Me, AG, JP and Jonathan Williams.

@PhinsGators5220 What is your favorite game that you've been a part of?

Last week. It's the most recent one. I had a GW TD. That's just something you dream of. I had my family there. It's amazing to have been a part of that. To have been an undrafted FA for the Falcons back in 2016 is unbelievable. I can't have written a better story.


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