49ers Legend Joe Montana Talks Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance, Taunting, More in B/R AMA

Tyler Conway@@jtylerconwayFeatured Columnist IVSeptember 23, 2021

MIAMI, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 02: Joe Montana of the NLF 100 All-Time Team is honored on the field prior to Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs at Hard Rock Stadium on February 02, 2020 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana sat down with Bleacher Report for an AMA to discuss his new campaign with Guinness, the Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance situation and the quarterback who most resembles himself in the modern NFL.

Here is a look at the full AMA transcript.

So I see you’re back at it again with Guinness. What are you doing to celebrate the start of the season?

Putting out a new TV commercial to celebrate the kickoff. Also announcing a new tap room, only the second one in the US in Chicago. There are going to be beers you can only get in Chicago, they are celebrating the Shamrock series this weekend. The commercial is all about telling people that we’ve all come a long way and this game is something to celebrate.

@dylanyag When did you realize you wanted to be an NFL QB one day? 

When I was 8 years old. I was RB and DB but always felt that QB was what I liked the most. All the way from Pop Warner. I never saw myself playing any other position for a while.

@Guzman_818 What was your fallback career if you didn’t succeed as an athlete?

Not off the top of my head, I was getting into design. I had the weirdest thing, I didn’t smoke cigarettes but I was infatuated with what made people buy certain cigarettes over the others. So I was curious about it but didn’t get to take a lot of design classes because they were offered in the fall during football.

@Lnksy Why No. 16?

I was given it. I was No. 19 when I was playing Pop Warner and then when I arrived in SF, that’s simply the number they assigned me.

@Rutilab Any special pregame rituals or game day routines? Things you just needed to do before every game?

Not really, I wasn’t superstitious. Eventually I ended up going to games early mainly because one time I took the bus, before the SB and we got stuck in traffic because the vice president was coming. From that point on, I would get up, have breakfast and just get in a taxi and head to the game.

@DeadKangzFan Which of your Super Bowl wins was the most memorable and why? 

I think they were all different. You can’t replace the first feeling you have walking out on that field. The second one we played at Stanford, so it felt like a home game. Next time we go, we win on a last TD against Cincy. All pretty special.

@Vinsanity123 What was the funniest thing an opposing player ever said to you before a snap?

We played the Raiders a lot, whether it was preseason or during the season, and Matt Millen, They heard so much of our cadence, so many of our audibles. One time, I said ‘Black, 324 Omaha.’ And Matt, the middle LB stands up and goes ‘oh no, not 324 Omaha.’ There is a lot of things that are funny. Tim Harris is another guy when he was in Green Bay, he used to talk to you all the time, try to get signals and divert your attention. All of it was fun. You just had fun with it. Sometimes, you talk back to them to keep them going. That was the fun part of the game -- the relationship you have with other guys. 

@Nicoco What was your mindset like when you first played the 49ers as a member of the Chiefs? 

I like to say it wasn’t different than any other game but that wouldn’t be the truth. I obviously wanted us to win, not that it really made a difference for our seasons, but inside for me it made a big difference.

@Derockmx43 What is your favorite or funniest memory of Jerry Rice?

Jerry never said a word. He hardly ever said a word in the huddle. The one thing you learn as a QB is don’t ask if he’s open because WRs are always open. Then you look at the film and there are like 3 guys on him. Jerry always had a great ability to get behind people but I don't think he was the fastest, but not too many got behind the defense more than he did.

@Not_RudyGobert What was the hardest part when you first retired from the game?

Watching the game. For the longest time I tried not to. You still had that will to want to play but there was no chance of getting back out there. That excitement is gone forever.

@timmydisdagoat21 What is the best part of living in the Bay?

 It’s an easy city to get around in. Everything is there: the ocean, restaurants, the mountains, wine country. Just about everything is here. The weather can be up and down but in most cases it is amazing. Have a little bit of rain but we aren’t getting feets of snow.

@Kylet Do you have a stance on the NFL’s new taunting rule?

It happens. There are matchups on the outside between DBs and WRs where there is a lot of talking. I didn’t realize it was that out of hand that they needed to make a rule of it. I know there’s been a lot of flags already.

@BaySean You have a unique perspective on having a backup QB waiting in the wings behind you in Steve Young. What advice would you give to Jimmy G & Trey Lance? 

I had it from both ends. When I first got there, it was myself and Steve DeBerg, so I was being put into situations like Trey is being put into now. The person it’s toughest on is Jimmy. Trying not to let coming off the field affect you when you go back on the field is hard. Hopefully, he can find a way to be patient with it. Trey has got to do the same thing. He has to be patient. They brought him in for a reason. Jimmy hasn’t been able to stay healthy, but when he’s in the game he plays well. They had to have some kind of security. They had to go find a guy they believe who can play in that system. He’s gonna get opportunities. He’ll have his chance. With the ways things are now, you’re seeing QBs play until they are 44. He may have a long time ahead of him. They’re totally different players. Jimmy is just gonna have to find a way to deal with it.

@Rhettro The greatest defensive player you ever faced who gave you nightmares? 

Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White

@Jminer123 Favorite snack food?


@fridafelcher What was the most important thing Bill Walsh ever said to you? 

He woke me up after winning the first SB. I was out doing all kinds of things. I was running in and he called me in and said: ‘I know you’re having fun but I want to make sure you’re doing the things to stay ready for the next season.’ He also taught me how to deal with the media and those were the toughest parts.

@Not_BobbyWagner The modern-day QB who most resembles your game is ____

The guy in Seattle. He’s a pocket guy. He can run if he has to run. He can move around in the pocket, but he’s not a pure runner. That wasn’t me, I wasn’t a pure runner.

@just_in_time Which two teams make the Super Bowl and who wins it? 

It’s hard to rule out both teams that made it last year. Kansas City lost this weekend, but they lost to a good team. If they can continue doing what they do, they’ll be back. I don’t see anybody in the NFC that can beat Tampa Bay right now. Either that, or hope they lose -- hope they have a bad day at the wrong time. That’s when the playoffs start. Other than that, they’re gonna be tough to stop. I think a potential rematch, but I think you see a different Kansas City team than you saw last year. I think something was up with Patrick.