Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald Talks Kyler Murray, Suns NBA Title Run, More in B/R AMA

Adam WellsJuly 2, 2021

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) during an NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers, Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)
AP Photo/Rick Scuteri

Having already solidified his status as one of the greatest players in NFL history, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is chasing the one thing that has eluded him in his storied career. 

A Super Bowl title. 

Fitzgerald has a great team around him heading into the 2021 season to help him reach the top of the mountain. 

Before setting off for training camp at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Fitzgerald sat down with B/R for an AMA to talk about Kyler Murray, the Phoenix Suns reaching the NBA Finals and much more. 

The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.

@RonaldAcunaJr13 Does the squad make fun of Kyler Murray's height a lot?

Not that I've heard of. The old guys are not privy to the same conversation that the young guys experience, but I haven't heard anything.

@Supreme_Baller5 What's the best thing a QB can do to help his WR?

Communicate. The great QBs are great at talking to their guys on the sidelines. Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes - they're constantly communicating, trying to get on the same page.

@Just_in_time How inspiring is it to see the Suns make the finals for the first time since 1993?

It's amazing. To see the energy in the city, just how much people got behind the team. To see CP3, Devin Booker, Monty Williams, James Jones and guys like that who worked so hard to put this all together. It's a lot of fun. Great to be able to watch it.

@Max1mo Why did you pick the No. 11?

When I was coming out college I wore No. 1. They wouldn't allow skill players to wear single digit numbers. So in practice I wore No. 11. They offered me No. 80 during final cuts, and I decided to stick with No. 11.

@Donavans_agent Who is the most influential teammate you've gotten to play with?

Tough to pick one. Emmitt Smith, being around him as a rookie. Last year, Kelvin Beachum. Two people at the different end of the spectrum but both special individuals.

@Not_BobbyWagner Who did you model your game after? 

I looked up to Cris Carter and he was a great mentor for me. I always looked up to him.

@rutilab What was your 'Welcome to the NFL' moment? 

My second game of my career against the Patriots. Rodney Harrison hit me a couple of times and just running around with him after me wasn't as much as it should have been. Dealing with him was one of the more difficult things I've experienced.

@Donovans_agent Do you have a favorite corner to go up against (past or present) 

I love going up against Patrick Peterson everyday. He always pushes you and makes you improve. 

@DekeGeek What is your favorite and least favorite part of being an athlete for so long?

You get to do what you always dreamed of. The downfall is you get banged up. Football is tough, you get a lot of nicks and bruises that stick with you for life.

@ebindel: are you excited to be working as a commentator on Capital One's The Match? As a stronger golfer, would you ever play in the event?

I am so excited. It's something I've watched since its inception. To be able to see the different players is something I really enjoy as a spectator. As an avid golfer, to be able to see some of the guys you really admire, Bryson and Phil, obviously multiple time champions, and getting to see NFL legends in Brady and Rogers do something that they're not professionals at but they're really good. It's really cool. I think it would be really cool to play in, I think anybody would love to be able to test themselves in something they're not professionals at.

@Belacsmoon Any special pregame routines or rituals? 

I'm not really a superstitious person. I never did anything that warranted anything special.

@Rhettro What do you attribute your longevity to after 17 years in the league? 

The good lord has made me extremely fortunate and I thank my parents for instilling good work ethic and helping me in every facet of life.

@Not_KyrieIrving What's the best advice you've ever gotten? 

I had a lot to stay when I was a kid. My grandmother told me you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. I was told to listen more and talk less.

@SunVike2K What are some life goals you're working on outside the field? 

Improve. Educate yourself. FInd ways to be more intelligent on different subject matters. You can't play sports forever so you have to find things that keep motivating you.

@NicholasPaccione What was the funniest game you've ever played in? (Or funny moment that took place during a game?)

2007, we lost to the Bears. That's when Coach Green said 'They are who we thought they were.' It was a bad loss, but the sound bite will live with me forever.

@Rhettro What's next after your NFL career? 

I don't know yet. I have a few opportunities at hand, but I gotta talk to my family.

Rapid Fire:

@KatxDLoaded2020 Favorite place you've traveled to? 

Australia. The first place I've been outside the U.S. I went for 40 days and it was a great time.

@BayLegend The touchdown you'll remember most?

I scored a Super Bowl TD. It didn't work out for our team, but it was the most memorable.

@MAX1MO Your favorite song? 

21 questions by 50 Cent. I think I literally broke the TV listening to that so much. Overplayed it.

@Bucksin6dude Favorite Arizona restaurant? 

Steak 44

@coachvinoo What's one thing you would tell a rookie version of yourself?

Work hard. Listen. Stack your chips.

In addition to getting ready for the 2021 season, Fitzgerald will show off his broadcasting chops on July 6.

The 11-time Pro Bowler will be among the commentators for Capital One's The Match featuring Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady taking on Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers in a head-to-head golf event.