EPL Schedule 2021-22: Official List of Fixtures for New Premier League Season

Adam WellsJune 16, 2021

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 23:  Lorenzo Buenaventura, Fitness Coach of Manchester City, Rodolfo Borrell, Assistant Coach of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola, Manager of Manchester City, Juanma Lillo, Assistant Manager of Manchester City, and Xabier Mancisidor, Goalkeeping Coach of Manchester City celebrate with the Premier League Trophy as Manchester City are presented with the Trophy as they win the league following the Premier League match between Manchester City and Everton at Etihad Stadium on May 23, 2021 in Manchester, England. A limited number of fans will be allowed into Premier League stadiums as Coronavirus restrictions begin to ease in the UK. (Photo by Peter Powell - Pool/Getty Images)
Peter Powell - Pool/Getty Images

Three weeks after last season ended, the anticipation for the English Premier League campaign has already begun with the release of the 2021-22 schedule on Wednesday. 

Defending champion Manchester City will kick the season off on Aug. 14 on the road against Tottenham Hotspur. 

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πŸ—“ Happy #PLFixtures day πŸ—“<br><br>All 380 matches for the 2021/22 season are out now 😍

Here's the entire 380-match schedule for the EPL season, courtesy of PremierLeague.com:

Saturday 14 August

Brentford vs. Arsenal
Burnley vs. Brighton and Hove Albion
Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace
Everton vs. Southampton
Leicester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers
Manchester United vs. Leeds United
Newcastle United vs. West Ham United
Norwich City vs. Liverpool
Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City
Watford vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 21 August

Arsenal vs. Chelsea
Aston Villa vs. Newcastle
Brighton vs. Watford
Crystal Palace vs. Brentford
Leeds vs. Everton
Liverpool vs. Burnley
Man City vs. Norwich
Southampton vs. Man Utd
West Ham vs. Leicester
Wolves vs. Tottenham

Saturday 28 August

Aston Villa vs. Brentford
Brighton vs. Everton
Burnley vs. Leeds
Liverpool vs. Chelsea
Man City vs. Arsenal
Newcastle vs. Southampton
Norwich vs. Leicester
Tottenham vs. Watford
West Ham vs. Crystal Palace
Wolves vs. Man Utd

Saturday 11 September

Arsenal vs. Norwich
Brentford vs. Brighton
Chelsea vs. Aston Villa
Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham 
Everton vs. Burnley
Leeds vs. Liverpool
Leicester vs. Man City
Man Utd vs. Newcastle
Southampton vs. West Ham
Watford vs. Wolves

Saturday 18 September

Aston Villa vs. Everton
Brighton vs. Leicester
Burnley vs. Arsenal
Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace
Man City vs. Southampton
Newcastle vs. Leeds
Norwich vs. Watford
Tottenham vs. Chelsea
West Ham vs. Man Utd
Wolves vs. Brentford

Saturday 25 September

Arsenal vs. Tottenham 
Brentford vs. Liverpool
Chelsea vs. Man City
Crystal Palace vs. Brighton
Everton vs. Norwich
Leeds vs. West Ham
Leicester vs. Burnley
Man Utd vs. Aston Villa
Southampton vs. Wolves
Watford vs. Newcastle

Saturday 2 October

Brighton vs. Arsenal
Burnley vs. Norwich
Chelsea vs. Southampton
Crystal Palace vs. Leicester
Leeds vs. Watford
Liverpool vs. Man City
Man Utd vs. Everton
Tottenham vs. Aston Villa
West Ham vs. Brentford
Wolves vs. Newcastle

Saturday 16 October

Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace
Aston Villa vs. Wolves
Brentford vs. Chelsea
Everton vs. West Ham
Leicester vs. Man Utd
Man City vs. Burnley
Newcastle vs. Tottenham
Norwich vs. Brighton
Southampton vs. Leeds
Watford vs. Liverpool

Saturday 23 October

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa
Brentford vs. Leicester
Brighton vs. Man City
Chelsea vs. Norwich
Crystal Palace vs. Newcastle
Everton vs. Watford
Leeds vs. Wolves
Man Utd vs. Liverpool
Southampton vs. Burnley
West Ham vs. Tottenham 

Saturday 30 October

Aston Villa vs. West Ham
Burnley vs. Brentford
Leicester vs. Arsenal
Liverpool vs. Brighton
Man City vs. Crystal Palace
Newcastle vs. Chelsea
Norwich vs. Leeds
Tottenham vs. Man Utd
Watford vs. Southampton
Wolves vs. Everton

Saturday 6 November

Arsenal vs. Watford
Brentford vs. Norwich
Brighton vs. Newcastle
Chelsea vs. Burnley
Crystal Palace vs. Wolves
Everton vs. Tottenham 
Leeds vs. Leicester
Man Utd vs. Man City
Southampton vs. Aston Villa
West Ham vs. Liverpool

Saturday 20 November

Aston Villa vs. Brighton
Burnley vs. Crystal Palace
Leicester vs. Chelsea
Liverpool vs. Arsenal
Man City vs. Everton
Newcastle vs. Brentford
Norwich vs. Southampton
Tottenham vs. Leeds
Watford vs. Man Utd
Wolves vs. West Ham

Saturday 27 November

Arsenal vs. Newcastle
Brentford vs. Everton
Brighton vs. Leeds
Burnley vs. Tottenham
Chelsea vs. Man Utd
Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa
Leicester vs. Watford
Liverpool vs. Southampton
Man City vs. West Ham
Norwich vs. Wolves

Tuesday 30 November

Aston Villa vs. Man City
Everton vs. Liverpool
Leeds vs. Crystal Palace
Watford vs. Chelsea
West Ham vs. Brighton
Wolves vs. Burnley
Man Utd vs. Arsenal

Wednesday 1 December

Newcastle vs. Norwich
Southampton vs. Leicester
Tottenham vs. Brentford

Saturday 4 December

Aston Villa vs. Leicester
Everton vs. Arsenal
Leeds vs. Brentford
Man Utd vs. Crystal Palace
Newcastle vs. Burnley
Southampton vs. Brighton
Tottenham vs. Norwich
Watford vs. Man City
West Ham vs. Chelsea
Wolves vs. Liverpool

Saturday 11 December

Arsenal vs. Southampton
Brentford vs. Watford
Brighton vs. Tottenham
Burnley vs. West Ham
Chelsea vs. Leeds
Crystal Palace vs. Everton
Leicester vs. Newcastle
Liverpool vs. Aston Villa
Man City vs. Wolves
Norwich vs. Man Utd

Tuesday 14 December

Arsenal vs. West Ham
Brentford vs. Man Utd
Brighton vs. Wolves
Burnley vs. Watford
Leicester vs. Tottenham
Norwich vs. Aston Villa
Crystal Palace vs. Southampton

Wednesday 15 December

Chelsea vs. Everton
Liverpool vs. Newcastle
Man City vs. Leeds

Saturday 18 December

Aston Villa vs. Burnley
Everton vs. Leicester
Leeds vs. Arsenal
Man Utd vs. Brighton
Newcastle vs. Man City
Southampton vs. Brentford
Tottenham vs. Liverpool
Watford vs. Crystal Palace
West Ham vs. Norwich
Wolves vs. Chelsea

Saturday 26 December

Aston Villa vs. Chelsea
Brighton vs. Brentford
Burnley vs. Everton
Liverpool vs. Leeds
Man City vs. Leicester
Newcastle vs. Man Utd
Norwich vs. Arsenal
Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace
West Ham vs. Southampton
Wolves vs. Watford

Tuesday 28 December

Arsenal vs. Wolves
Brentford vs. Man City
Chelsea vs. Brighton
Crystal Palace vs. Norwich 
Everton vs. Newcastle 
Leeds vs. Aston Villa
Leicester vs. Liverpool
Man Utd vs. Burnley
Southampton vs. Tottenham
Watford vs. West Ham

Saturday 1 January

Arsenal vs. Man City
Brentford vs. Aston Villa
Chelsea vs. Liverpool
Crystal Palace vs. West Ham
Everton vs. Brighton
Leeds vs. Burnley
Leicester vs. Norwich 
Man Utd vs. Wolves
Southampton vs. Newcastle
Watford vs. Tottenham

Saturday 15 January

Aston Villa vs. Man United
Brighton vs. Crystal Palace
Burnley vs. Leicester
Liverpool vs. Brentford
Man City vs. Chelsea
Newcastle vs. Watford
Norwich vs. Everton
Tottenham vs. Arsenal
West Ham vs. Leeds
Wolves vs. Southampton

Saturday 22 January

Arsenal vs. Burnley
Brentford vs. Wolves
Chelsea vs. Tottenham
Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool
Everton vs. Aston Villa
Leeds vs. Newcastle
Leicester vs. Brighton
Man Utd vs. West Ham
Southampton vs. Man City
Watford vs. Norwich

Tuesday 8 February

Aston Villa vs. Leeds
Brighton vs. Chelsea
Burnley vs. Man Utd
Norwich vs. Crystal Palace
West Ham vs. Watford
Wolves vs. Arsenal

Wednesday 9 February

Newcastle vs. Everton
Tottenham vs. Southampton
Liverpool vs. Leicester
Man City vs. Brentford

Saturday 12 February

Brentford vs. Crystal Palace
Burnley vs. Liverpool
Chelsea vs. Arsenal
Everton vs. Leeds
Leicester vs. West Ham
Man Utd vs. Southampton
Newcastle vs. Aston Villa
Norwich vs. Man City
Tottenham vs. Wolves
Watford vs. Brighton

Saturday 19 February

Arsenal vs. Brentford
Aston Villa vs. Watford
Brighton vs. Burnley
Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea
Leeds vs. Manchester Utd
Liverpool vs. Norwich
Man City vs. Tottenham
Southampton vs. Everton
West Ham vs. Newcastle
Wolves vs. Leicester

Saturday 26 February

Arsenal vs. Liverpool
Brentford vs. Newcastle
Brighton vs. Aston Villa
Chelsea vs. Leicester
Crystal Palace vs. Burnley
Everton vs. Man City
Leeds vs. Tottenham
Man Utd vs. Watford
Southampton vs. Norwich
West Ham vs. Wolves

Saturday 5 March

Aston Villa vs. Southampton
Burnley vs. Chelsea
Leicester vs. Leeds
Liverpool vs. West Ham
Man City vs. Man Utd
Newcastle vs. Brighton
Norwich vs. Brentford
Tottenham vs. Everton
Watford vs. Arsenal
Wolves vs. Crystal Palace

Saturday 12 March

Arsenal vs. Leicester
Brentford vs. Burnley
Brighton vs. Liverpool
Chelsea vs. Newcastle
Crystal Palace vs. Man City
Everton vs. Wolves
Leeds vs. Norwich
Man Utd vs. Tottenham
Southampton vs. Watford
West Ham vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 19 March

Aston Villa vs. Arsenal
Burnley vs. Southampton
Leicester vs. Brentford
Liverpool vs. Man Utd
Man City vs. Brighton
Newcastle vs. Crystal Palace
Norwich vs. Chelsea
Tottenham vs. West Ham
Watford vs. Everton
Wolves vs. Leeds

Saturday 2 April

Brighton vs. Norwich
Burnley vs. Man City
Chelsea vs. Brentford
Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal
Leeds vs. Southampton
Liverpool vs. Watford
Man Utd vs. Leicester
Tottenham vs. Newcastle
West Ham vs. Everton
Wolves vs. Aston Villa

Saturday 9 April

Arsenal vs. Brighton
Aston Villa vs. Tottenham
Brentford vs. West Ham
Everton vs. Man Utd
Leicester vs. Crystal Palace
Man City vs. Liverpool
Newcastle vs. Wolves
Norwich vs. Burnley
Southampton vs. Chelsea
Watford vs. Leeds

Saturday 16 April

Aston Villa vs. Liverpool
Everton vs. Crystal Palace
Leeds vs. Chelsea
Man Utd vs. Norwich
Newcastle vs. Leicester
Southampton vs. Arsenal
Tottenham vs. Brighton
Watford vs. Brentford
West Ham vs. Burnley
Wolves vs. Man City

Saturday 23 April

Arsenal vs. Man Utd
Brentford vs. Tottenham
Brighton vs. Southampton
Burnley vs. Wolves
Chelsea vs. West Ham
Crystal Palace vs. Leeds
Leicester vs. Aston Villa
Liverpool vs. Everton
Man City vs. Watford
Norwich vs. Newcastle

Saturday 30 April

Aston Villa vs. Norwich
Everton vs. Chelsea
Leeds vs. Man City
Man Utd vs. Brentford
Newcastle vs. Liverpool
Southampton vs. Crystal Palace
Tottenham vs. Leicester
Watford vs. Burnley
West Ham vs. Arsenal
Wolves vs. Brighton

Saturday 7 May

Arsenal vs. Leeds
Brentford vs. Southampton
Brighton vs. Man Utd
Burnley vs. Aston Villa
Chelsea vs. Wolves
Crystal Palace vs. Watford
Leicester vs. Everton
Liverpool vs. Tottenham
Man City vs. Newcastle
Norwich vs. West Ham

Sunday 15 May*

Aston Villa vs. Crystal Palace
Everton vs. Brentford
Leeds vs. Brighton
Man Utd vs. Chelsea
Newcastle vs. Arsenal
Southampton vs. Liverpool
Tottenham vs. Burnley
Watford vs. Leicester
West Ham vs. Man City
Wolves vs. Norwich
* to avoid a clash with the FA Cup Final on 14 May

Sunday 22 May

Arsenal vs. Everton
Brentford vs. Leeds
Brighton vs. West Ham
Burnley vs. Newcastle
Chelsea vs. Watford
Crystal Palace vs. Man Utd
Leicester vs. Southampton
Liverpool vs. Wolves
Man City vs. Aston Villa
Norwich vs. Tottenham

City look to be heavy favorites to win their four EPL title in the past five seasons with most of the roster returning from the 2020-21 club. All eyes will be focused on their Sept. 25 matchup with Chelsea after the Blues' 1-0 win over Man City in the Champions League final. 

Pep Guardiola's offense, which led the league with 83 goals last season, could be even better if City's reported pursuit of Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane is successful. 

Opening against Spurs will certainly test Man City. Tottenham was one of two teams last season to shut out the Citizens in the Premier League. 

Several key rivalry games will take place early in the season, including the north London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham (Sept. 25), north west Derby between Manchester United and Liverpool (Oct. 23) and Manchester Derby (Nov. 6). 

Watford and Norwich City are returning to the Premier League after one season in the Championship. Brentford is back in the top flight for the first time since 1946-47 after beating Swansea City 2-0 in the EFL Championship playoff final. 


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