Lakers' LeBron James: Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Looks Like Mike Tyson Punch-Out

Blake SchusterContributor IJune 7, 2021

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LeBron James is no stranger to a good money-making opportunity so he had to give props to Floyd Mayweather after the success of his pay-per-view bout against YouTuber Logan Paul. 

But even James couldn't help but laugh at the optics of it all.

The 44-year-old Mayweather entered the ring standing 5'8", 155 pounds to the 6'2", 189.5-pound Paul at 26 years old. The size mismatch was instantly noticeable to anyone who tuned in. 

LeBron James @KingJames

Man this look like Mike Tyson punch out! 🤣🤣🤣

LeBron James @KingJames


Speaking to TMZ Sports, Mayweather said he stood to make at least $30 million and as much as $100 million for the exhibition. No winner was declared following the unsanctioned event in Miami and neither fighter was knocked down.

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Floyd right now pic.twitter.com/RNgf5HyMnD

Mayweather spent the first few rounds against Paul showcasing his typical defense and footwork, dancing around the ring as the much-larger Paul tried to catch up to him. By the later rounds, it was Mayweather ducking underneath Paul's attempts to land a blow and striking his opponent with numerous body and head shots. 

The night may have been a win for Paul in that he went the distance with one of the best boxers of all time, but it was a complete victory for Mayweather, who walks away with his perfect record intact and his bank account significantly larger. 

CBS Sports HQ @CBSSportsHQ

Here are the stats from the #FloydvsLogan bout 👀 pic.twitter.com/PSdeUqIIwI

CBS Sports HQ @CBSSportsHQ

"It's all about working smarter not harder ... before I even walked out there I made $1M."<br><br>Money Mayweather keeps it 💯#FloydvsLogan pic.twitter.com/MQB64WRS5t

After the fight, Mayweather told reporters he has no interest in returning to professional boxing. Considering how much money he made on Sunday with admittedly minimal training, it doesn't seem there's a reason for him to. 


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