AKC Agility Premier Cup 2021 Results: Winner, Highlights and Reaction

Blake SchusterContributor IMay 26, 2021

Via The American Kennel Club

The brand new World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida opened its doors to more than 90 of the most athletic pups on the planet on Tuesday for the 2021 AKC Agility Premier Cup. 

For two hours, broadcast live on ESPN, breeds of all shapes and sizes competed in various drills to determine the most agile dog in their class. Dogs were placed among five different height categories with a $10,000 prize pool up for grabs. 

While it's nearly impossible to choose which of these pups are "best"—they are all perfect—here's a look at who the judges felt performed at a higher level than their peers. 


Winner: Kit Kat, Papillon, 5 Years Old

American Kennel Club @akcdoglovers

And there you have it!!! Kit Kat 🍫 wins the 8 inch height. #AKConESPN pic.twitter.com/1EBST3dIRU


Winner: Bliss, Poodle, 10 Years Old

American Kennel Club @akcdoglovers

Bliss did it!!! Congrats on our 12 inch winner! #AKConESPN<br><br>ps Bliss is a senior dog and we love her. pic.twitter.com/luM1eT8JVU


Winner: Swift, Shetland Sheepdog, 9 Years Old

American Kennel Club @akcdoglovers

Behold your 16 inch winner... SWIFT! #AKConESPN pic.twitter.com/fMyaT2xYVM


Winner: Fargo, Border Collie, 8 Years Old

American Kennel Club @akcdoglovers

Our final winner of this year's competition is... FARGO! #AKConESPN pic.twitter.com/crWf39yGla


Winner: Cephus, Border Collie, 8 Years Old

American Kennel Club @akcdoglovers

Congratulations to our winner at the 24 inch jump height! #AKConESPN pic.twitter.com/gOT3j8MTfo

While the winners were indeed tremendous athletes, it'd be in poor taste not to highlight a few more good dogs who didn't finish on the podium.

American Kennel Club @akcdoglovers

Is that Bing the Beardie or a flying magic carpet? #AKConESPN pic.twitter.com/BrrTmyfZcB

American Kennel Club @akcdoglovers

MAVERICK, YOU ARE A STAR. ⭐️ #AKConESPN pic.twitter.com/G8X6rcYS33

Even the dogs who weren't competing in Florida were still extremely good. 

Josh Kail @THATJoshKail

Pheebs is glued to the @akcdoglovers agility premier cup pic.twitter.com/eon7w5wXLr

Keith Osso @OssoKXLY

Quill is a little into this show. Thanks @espn @akcdoglovers pic.twitter.com/Bv7vaSXYCf

The competitors were tasked with weaving through an obstacle course featuring numerous jumps, elevated walks, weave poles, tire jumps, open tunnels, seesaw, A-frames and pause tables. 

A prize of $1,500 was awarded to the winner in each group with an additional $500 given to the winner from the finals round. 

Regardless of where they placed, all of these dogs deserve plenty of treats and pets at a minimum for sharing their skills with a national audience.