NHL Stars and the Superheroes They Relate to

Jordan MatthewsAnalyst IIIDecember 19, 2011

NHL Stars and the Superheroes They Relate to

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    Last year, the NHL did a campaign with comic artist Stan Lee to make each NHL team into a superhero.

    By most, the idea was seen as silly, and although I thought the majority of the project was silly, I embraced it as a project to interest young kids in hockey.

    Whether it worked or not, we don't know, but nonetheless, some NHL stars can be compared to superheroes, and although there are some stark (pun intended) differences, there are also similarities.

Jonathan Toews

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    From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Achievements: Conn Smythe winner and MVP of Team Canada at the 2010 Olympics

    Career Stats: 133 goals and 168 assists in 334 games

Captain America

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    Yes, yes, before it is even mentioned, we are all well aware that Jonathan Toews is indeed of Canadian heritage.

    Nonetheless, Toews does possess many qualities similar to Steve Rogers.

    Rogers was a citizen who wanted to join the army during World War II and was prohibited from joining due to multiple disabilities that left him at a strong disadvantage.

    Still, Rogers never gave up on becoming a soldier and ended up being the first experimented super soldier in the U.S. Army.

    His leadership qualities as well as his honorable attitude are very similar to that of Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews.

    Also, like Captain America, Toews is somewhat of a quick player.

    I mean, you can always take the blue out of his suit, put a funny hat on him and call him Captain Canada, right?

    Let's just hope Toews isn't frozen solid for over 70 years.

Ryan Kesler

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    From: Livonia, Michigan, United States

    Career Achievements: Single-time winner of the Frank J. Selke Trophy

    Career Stats: 138 goals and 173 assists in 511 NHL games

Iron Man

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    There are many parallels that could be drawn between Ryan Kesler and Tony Stark.

    For starters, they really have a striking resemblance to each other. Robert Downey Jr. isn't Kesler's long-lost twin, but they aren't complete opposites either.

    Another parallel is Iron Man's attitude. Stark, who invented his suit, could be described as a very self-confident individual.

    In comparison, Kesler is said by many NHL players to be very aware of his own talent, in what could be seen as a cocky sort of way.

    Like Iron Man taking off through the sky, Kesler can move the puck quickly down the ice.

    Regardless of whether you view this as an admirable or awful quality, all Kesler needs is RDJ's facial hair and a light under his jersey and he's Iron Man.

Alexander Ovechkin

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    From: Moscow, USSR

    Career Achievements: Has won the President's Trophy once or twice

    Career Stats: 301 goals and 325 assists in 505 games


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    Ovechkin and Thor seemingly have a lot of similarities, but certainly none of them reside in the idea that they look anything alike.

    Thor, at one point, was next in line to be King. He was royalty. However, due to a series of poor decisions and bad judgment, Thor was stripped of his power.

    Sounds a lot like Ovechkin, huh? Strong. Powerful. King.

    And yet over the past few years, Ovechkin has fallen off a little bit, and some have questioned whether he's worthy of the title of king anymore.

    Whether Thor made bad decisions or not, he still has a great deal of followers, but he has to fight for the throne with his brother...

Sidney Crosby

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    From: Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

    Career Achievements: Stanley Cup winner, scored the game-winning goal for Team Canada at the 2010 Olympics

    Career Stats: 217 goals and 367 assists in 420 games


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    Ah yes, Thor's brother. At one time out of reach of the throne, and yet now he seemingly sits on it, while Thor has been cast out and down to the horrible domains of Earth.

    The similarity is rather interesting, not just between Ovechkin and Crosby's relationship related to Thor and Loki, but in Loki's relation to Crosby in general.

    Loki isn't well-liked at all outside of his family, much like Crosby to a great deal of the hockey world.

    Loki firmly sticks to holding his staff, like Crosby with his stick, and at times it seems like Crosby is in multiple different places on the ice, while Loki has the same characteristic.

    Maybe the flaw here is that Thor never takes back his throne from Loki, but at the same time, Loki may never return the same way.

    Of course, a flaw even bigger than that is that Loki can probably grow enough facial hair to put together an eyebrow too.

Pavel Datsyuk

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    From: Sverdolvsk, USSR

    Career Achievements: Two-time Stanley Cup winner and three-time Selke winner

    Career Stats: 230 goals and 453 assists in 692 games

Pavel Datsyuk: Superman

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    OK, Superman may not have a triangle-shaped head, but he's still very similar to Pavel Datsyuk.

    Let me list off some of Superman's powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability, longevity and microscopic vision.

    Ringing any bells? Datsyuk has the superhuman strength to give Zdeno Chara a rough hit and knock Shea Weber on his butt.

    He has obvious speed and stamina, and seems to be invulnerable to nearly anything.

    Longevity? Datsyuk is a 33-year-old on pace for a 90-point season.

    As for his microscopic vision, he may be most comparable to Superman, but when the puck is in his possession you may confuse him with Spiderman and think he's got the puck attached to a web.

    Superman is arguably greater than Thor and Loki, but due to the fact that he resides in the realm of the DC conference rather than the Marvel conference, he hasn't quite received as much recognition.

    Only problem in the comparison is that we still haven't found Datsyuk's kryptonite.

Daniel and Henrik Sedin: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

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