Hair-Razing: Top 10 Worst Coaches Hairstyles in NHL History

Stefan KubusAnalyst INovember 14, 2011

Hair-Razing: Top 10 Worst Coaches Hairstyles in NHL History

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    Since the dawning of the league, we have seen some remarkable coaches come and go in the NHL. Many of them, as good as they were, didn't have the best sense of style, though, sporting some brutal hairstyles.

    The Barry Melrose mullet seen above may be the most renowned of all-time.

    The beauty of it all is that a terrible style to one may be a well-liked haircut by another.

    Regardless of success, there's been an elite group of NHL coaches that have accumulated throughout history that have surely seen better hair days. 

The Hitchcock

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    Ken Hitchcock, often referred to as "Hitch," is a well-traveled NHL coach, Having spent time behind the benches in Dallas, Philadelphia, Columbus and now St. Louis. It's more so his plump face than anything, but every time I see him, I think that he's wearing a toupee.  

The Gulutzan Flip

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    I'm not quite sure why newcomer Glen Gulutzan of the Dallas Stars lets his bangs roam freely on the top of his head, as seen here, but it looks a little goofy. 

The Shero Sideburn Combo

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    Fred Shero was undoubtedly a legendary Philadelphia Flyers bench boss. But that hair just seems thrown together on top to sit there, hopefully without any remarks. Those sideburns and mustache just complete the hairdo here. 

Gretzky's High School Look

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    Just because he was "The Great One" doesn't mean Wayne Gretzky always had great hair.

    As seen here from his coaching days in Phoenix, Gretzky apparently tried to make a fashion statement with this hairdo that looks like it should be found on a high school kid.

Dave Lewis

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    Dave Lewis was a longtime assistant coach in Detroit alongside the legendary Scotty Bowman. He served as head coach there for a season, as well as in Boston. Now, he's currently an assistant in Carolina under Paul Maurice.

    The thing that makes this the worst for Dave Lewis is the little splotchy bush of hair directly on top of his head. However, I must commend Lewis on his phenomenal mustache, especially now in "Movember."

The Scary Cherry

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    Don Cherry is undeniably one of the more, if not the most, colorful personalities in the game of hockey today. His segment on CBC, Coach's Corner, has provided decades of entertainment and wisdom from Cherry, the former Boston Bruins head coach.

    Seen here, Cherry is sporting some sort of balding comb over that awkwardly lays towards the top of his head. 

The Melrose Mullet

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    Barry Melrose may have some of the greatest flow in all of hockey. Look at the man. The slicked-back mullet with a touch of grey is Melrose's trademark that he's carried around for decades now. The thing, now, is that the mullet is just a wee-bit outdated, yet Melrose maintains that classic look. 

Pianist Roger Nielson

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    Another legendary coach, Roger Neilson, sported some outrageous flow on top of his head.

    This hairdo reminds me of a famous piano player or orchestra conductor the way his curly hair is all tossed together. It's surely one of the more memorable hairstyles of any NHL coach in history.

The Capuano Cut

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    Jack Capuano is currently the head coach of a New York Islanders club on the rise. However, it appears the hair on top of his head is also on the rise.

    I would be willing to bet that Capuano could roll out of bed, and have the same hair he has in this picture. To his credit, it's seemingly an easy hairdo to do.

The Claude Noel

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    Like Jack Capuano before him, the inaugural coach of the Winnipeg Jets, Claude Noel also sports something of a bed-head look behind the bench.

    There's a touch of grey throughout a hairstyle that Noel seemingly brushes over to the side in front, for lack of any other option. I wish I could describe it better, but I can't really tell what's happening with it.