Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin: The Pens Heart and Soul

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IINovember 3, 2016

The Pittsburgh Penguins' recent success (sort of) is a mere image of what their actually capable of.  As of now, they are sitting at sixth place in the whole conference and third in the division.  The record is 16-10-4.  Any hockey fan on the planet (unless you're Tony Kornheiser who is a complete moron) knows there are two main reasons the pens are the way they are: Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

His vision on the ice to the leadership on-and-off the ice are just the beginning.  The play-making, the shooting, the determination, and everything in between is the reason why he is the best player in the world (arguably).  The one thing he lacks is the selfishness.  He is on a rush with any player and 8/10 he passes.  The goods need to be shown when it comes to shooting, Sidney, just a suggestion.

Now on to GENO!   I would have to say, he is the savior of last season when Crosby got hurt (you can't forget Irish Ty Conklin, though).  Evgeni has all the intangibles just like Sid except for the English vocabulary (Good god man learn English).  He has something Sidney doesn't have; it's the physicality that puts him over the top.  Although, Malkin tries to do everything himself sometimes, which obviously is a bad thing. 

Pittburgh's success over the last three years has been storybook.  Malkin and Crosby  led the team in points the last three years, and acquire the leadership to solely take control of a team.  The year Sid and Geno played together, they went to the playoffs for the first time in six years (being obliterated by the Sens, but eventually getting revenge by smashing them the year after [MUHAHAH!]). 

I can guarantee, if we didn't have one of them our dynasty and future would be a whole different story.  Thank you Eddie Olcyzk (sp?) for making us suck. 

Here is a rhetorical question: What would happen if Geno or Sid missed an extensive amount of time, just like when Lemieux got diagnosed for Hodgkin's? 

Well, I think we know that answer, but really, anything could happen.  I got to admit, the pens could really do anything, to an extent.  The comeback against the Wings (which i loved by the way, because i rubbed it into every wings fan's face for awhile) was unbelievable.


Anything could happen at anytime.  If Geno missed 60% of the season, it would be a completely different year, and the same thing for Sid.  The point totals would be different, the fanbase would change (stupid band-wagoners), they would have to fight against intense adversity. 


Luckily, Geno got hot at the right time.  Of course we still can't get forget about Ty Conklin (who Shero got rid of and left us with Sabourin, smart move!) Lemieux, to his advantage, had Stevens, Recchi  Mullen, Cullen, Coffey, and other outstanding players to pick up the slack.

Again, lucky for the pens they have somebody to rely on.  Let's all hope if Geno gets hurt (knock on wood) Crosby can pick up the load.

The greatest 1-2 punch in history. Well, I'd like to think so.