Daily Buzz: And I’m Pissed Off

Nate SantoianniCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

Lots of stuff out there, so I’ll try and cover a bunch and keep it short.

The CBJs are really starting to piss me off.  Particularly coach Ken Hitchcock.  When is he FINALLY GOING TO LEAVE THE LINES ALONE!?  I look up last night and who do I see centering the top line?  Our budding superstar Derick Brassard?  RJ Umberger? 

Nope—Michael Peca, the guy who has recently been seeing time playing on the fourth line.  Great call Hitch.  How’d it work out?  Nash held without a point?  Go frickin figure!  Maybe play Nash with a couple of decent setup guys —say…Brassard and Huselius! 

You know what else pisses me off?  We’ve got forwards in Syracuse chomping at the bit to get a chance to play in the NHL and what do we do?  We play Clay F’ing Wilson at wing.  A guy that’s played not more than a fistful of games at that position in his professional career. 

Why not bring up Mike York who is having a great year in Syracuse?  Or Tommy! Sestito?  There’s a big body that we could use.  I’m not even going to mention You Know Who because he’d just sit on the bench.

When will Hitchcock finally give the younger and BETTER players the ice time that they deserve.  I like Chimera, but playing him more than Derick Brassard will not put points on the board.

Mats Sundin

This is my first time comenting publicly on Mats Sundin in ANY respect.  I was silent while all of Canada was publishing articles with artificial countdowns, fake “inside information” and stating that August…no, September…no, December would bring Mats’ decision at last.

Well, not that I really give a shit where he goes, but if it’s anywhere but Vancouver, Columbus could see the benefit of salary cap windfalls.  Of the teams that the big Swede is RUMORED to be interested in, Vancouver is the only one with definate cap room for him.  Personally, I’m hoping he goes to New York and they dish one of their 6-7M players our way.  Not that we could afford it since our attendance is somewhere in the low nine thousands lately…

Sean Avery

Here’s another guy that I haven’t commented on, but again, here’s another guy that I don’t give a rat’s ass about—except for the first game we played where Commodore hammered him.  I paid attention then.

Well, it seems that Dallas has finally “officially”—well, not released him, but has said that he won’t be playing anymore.  Unless they can find a suitable trade partner (maybe for a bag of pucks)—they’ll have to eat every bit of his four year $16 M contract… yikes.

My guess is that we have not seen the last of this guy in an NHL uniform.  A team with deep veterens will invariably take a chance, hoping that they will keep him in check like he “was” in New York.  Either we’ll see a Todd Bertuzzi effect, or…well, you know.

Steve Mason

‘Nother thing I stopped caring about is the fact that the Jackets are carrying three goaltenders.  It’s clear what the outcome of that is.  Steve Mason is the number one goalie—period.  Pascal is made of glass, so he’ll get 15 games out of the rest of the season, playing once a week, and Fred Norrena won’t see the ice in a Jackets uniform ever again.  Sign that contract in Sweden Fred, you’re not going to get the nod here.