NHL Trade Scenarios: What Each Team Will Be Looking to Trade for This Season

April WeinerCorrespondent INovember 8, 2011

NHL Trade Scenarios: What Each Team Will Be Looking to Trade for This Season

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    The Columbus Blue Jackets and Ottawa Senators have given up an average of almost four goals per game so far this season.

    The Anaheim Ducks are averaging less than two goals per game. 

    These are just some things that those teams will need to address at some point this season, whether it's internally (calling players up, etc) or externally (trade).

    Many teams' problems will need to be addressed externally and probably will be addressed sometime this season.

    Here is one thing each team will look to address via trade at some point before the trade deadline. 

Anaheim Ducks: Scoring

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    The Anaheim Ducks have one of the best first lines in the league, consisting of Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry.

    That line has already combined for 23 points this season, 14 goals and nine assists. 

    The team also has Teemu Selanne, who currently has 14 points—five goals and nine assists.

    However, after those players, the team doesn't have much in secondary scoring, and that might be the contributing factor in the team's 1.86 goals per game, the lowest in the league.

    They're also the only team averaging less than two goals per game.

    That's not good, and something that needs to be addressed, especially since they have been giving up an average of 2.71 goals per game.

Boston Bruins: Scoring

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    The Boston Bruins are currently 6-7, which is disappointing considering that they are coming off a Stanley Cup championship.

    The good news is that there is plenty of time for them to make changes and get back to the top of their division.

    The team might look to generate more goal-scoring, but they may also just address the issue internally. 

Buffalo Sabres: Scoring

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    The Buffalo Sabres are currently doing very well, sitting second in their division behind the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    If they were to address something, it might be to add another scorer.

    They have averaged 2.69 goals per game and have only allowed an average of 2.15 goals per game, so goal-scoring would be the thing to address. 

Calgary Flames: Kyle Turris

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    It's no secret that the Calgary Flames seem to have a serious interest in obtaining Kyle Turris from the Phoenix Coyotes.

    In fact, some have suggested that the Flames may be dangling Rene Bourque in exchange for Turris, but the Coyotes are interested in a first-round draft pick.

    Plus, the Coyotes insist that Turris will not be traded. 

    Even if they did decide to trade him, the Flames have a lot of competition after Turris. 

Carolina Hurricanes: Top Forward

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    The Carolina Hurricanes have only averaged 2.5 goals per game so far this season.

    It's even worse when their goals-against average is taken into consideration.

    They have given up an average of 3.29 goals per game, fourth-worst in the league. 

    The Hurricanes can either address defense or offense to fix this discrepancy, and it seems that they will look for offense.

Chicago Blackhawks: Power Play

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    The Chicago Blackhawks have the third-worst power-play percentage in the league at 9.4 percent. 

    That poor power-play percentage is something that the team needs to address, whether it's continuing to work on it and hope it improves or trading for a power-play specialist.

    Either way, if they hope to be successful later in the season and in the playoffs, they'll need an effective power-play unit to capitalize on opportunities. 

Colorado Avalanche: Defense

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    The Colorado Avalanche have allowed an average of three goals per game, which is something they should look to address.

    They addressed goaltending over the summer, and despite the GAA, Semyon Varlamov hasn't been too bad. He's still young and will improve in time.

    Therefore, defense is the next thing to address, and we have to assume they will before the trade deadline. 

Columbus Blue Jackets: Goaltending

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    The Columbus Blue Jackets have allowed more goals per game than any other team in the league, averaging 3.71 goals allowed. 

    That's an awful number, and they're aware and looking to change it.

    They are said to have interest in Los Angeles Kings backup goaltender Jonathan Bernier or Philadelphia Flyers backup goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky.

    Those two are difficult targets, though, because their teams will probably still be hesitant to let them go. 

Dallas Stars: Scoring

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    After having to let Brad Richards go this summer, not many people expected the Dallas Stars to perform well.

    Yet they have surprised many by going 10-3 thus far and leading the Pacific Division.

    Given that, they don't need to make too many improvements at the moment, and it's important that they don't look to make too many changes.

    However, they could still improve on goal-scoring, as they are currently averaging just less than three goals per game.

    They may need to improve that at some point this season if they want to remain leaders in their division. 

Detroit Red Wings: Shea Weber

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    This past summer, it was continuously speculated that the Detroit Red Wings were targeting Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators to add to their defense.

    If the team is interested, they may be able to find a way to make it happen, although it would be a challenge.

    However, the Predators just signed Pekka Rinne to a large deal. While that won't necessarily prevent them from re-signing Weber too, depending on his demands, it might be more of a challenge.

    With Brian Rafalski retiring over the summer and the expectation that Nicklas Lidstrom isn't far behind, the Wings will look to find a replacement to be a mainstay on their defense for years to come.

    That could be Weber. 

Edmonton Oilers: Veteran Forward

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    One of the most surprising things so far this season has been the success of the Edmonton Oilers, due in large part to the play of Nikolai Khabibulin.

    Khabibulin and the Oilers have only allowed an average of 1.54 goals per game this season, which is incredible.

    The Oilers' 2.23 goals-per-game average is plenty to cover that, but if Khabibulin can't keep up his incredible play, that's not a large amount of goalscoring. 

    They have a young core of forwards, and while they have Ryan Smyth, it might help to add another veteran forward. 

Florida Panthers: Penalty Kill

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    The Florida Panthers changed up almost their entire team over the offseason, adding many new players and losing a few, too.

    However, one of the things they really need to address is defense, especially their penalty kill.

    Their PK is currently at 75 percent, the sixth worst in the league. 

Los Angeles Kings: Depth at Forward

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    The Los Angeles Kings currently have the third-lowest goals-per-game average in the NHL, scoring 2.14 per game on average.

    While they added a few scorers over the summer (Mike Richards, Simon Gagne), who could become very effective the more time they play on the team, the team may need to further address scoring at some point.

    They can't put it all on Jonathan Quick's shoulders. (Or, pads and glove, to be more accurate). 

Minnesota Wild: Scoring

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    The Minnesota Wild are the next lowest in goals-per-game average with an average of 2.15. 

    They tried to address scoring this summer, acquiring Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi from the San Jose Sharks.

    So far, neither has been as effective as the team may have liked.

    Thus, the team may need to look at adding a goalscorer between now and the deadline. 

Montreal Canadiens: Defense

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    The Montreal Canadiens are currently sitting at the bottom of their division alongside the Boston Bruins.

    They're currently averaging more goals against than goals scored, which is the obvious culprit for their low spot in the standings.

    Defense is something that definitely needs to be addressed.

    Perhaps they'll talk to the Nashville Predators, as the team has two defenseman set to become free agents this summer. 

Nashville Predators: Scoring

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    The Nashville Predators could use someone to help increase their goal-scoring. 

    They currently average less than three goals per game, which hasn't made too much of an impact just yet because they've averaged less goals against than goals scored.

    However, it's something to be addressed at some point.

    I believe that some sort of package to obtain Andrei Kostitsyn could be good for the team, as the Kostitsyn brothers together cold do a lot of damage. 

New Jersey Devils: Sam Gagner

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    The New Jersey Devils are currently in the bottom third of the league in goal-scoring per game, averaging 2.25 goals.

    They're still without Travis Zajac, which affects that, but they may still look to bolster their offense.

    Sam Gagner of the Edmonton Oilers may accomplish that, and the Oilers might be shopping Gagner as well. 

New York Islanders: Veteran

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    The New York Islanders lost a lot when their captain Doug Weight retired over the summer. 

    They have some good young core players, John Tavares being the top name in that category, but they could use another veteran to help their young players develop. 

New York Rangers: Defense

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    The New York Rangers are in need of a defenseman. 

    After all, one of their top young defenseman, Marc Staal, is still out with a concussion, and who knows when he will return?

    Therefore, the team should look for another defenseman who can take his place for now as well as become a core part of the team for years to come. 

Ottawa Senators: Kyle Turris

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    The Ottawa Senators need a lot of things, particularly goal-scoring and goaltending.

    At the moment, the scoring seems to be their biggest target, and they are supposedly after Kyle Turris of the Phoenix Coyotes.

    They'll have a lot of competition for him if the Coyotes decide to trade him, though. 

Philadelphia Flyers: Defense

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    The Philadelphia Flyers' main issues at the moment are defense and goaltending.

    Obviously, goaltending will need to be addressed internally, as they certainly won't be making any changes after adding Bryzgalov over the summer.

    However, defense can be addressed and needs to be, since the team doesn't know when Chris Pronger will return. 

Phoenix Coyotes: Goaltending

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    The Phoenix Coyotes need to address their goaltending situation.

    So far this season, Mike Smith and Jason LaBarbera have not been cutting it, so the team needs to make some moves.

    Some have suggested that since the Vancouver Canucks are after Kyle Turris, the Coyotes could acquire Cory Schneider in return.

    Interesting proposition that would solve their problem, but it seems highly unlikely. 

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    The Pittsburgh Penguins main concern is getting their injured players back, particularly Sidney Crosby.

    Crosby's return may be imminent, but if it isn't and he suffers another setback, then will be the time to address that situation.

    Otherwise, it's impossible to assess the team's situation without seeing what difference Crosby's return makes. 

San Jose Sharks: Penalty Kill

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    The San Jose Sharks have the second-worst penalty kill in the league with a percentage of 72.3 percent. 

    That is something that the team really needs to address between now and the trade deadline, since the PK is an important part of success. 

St. Louis Blues: Sam Gagner

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    The St. Louis Blues could use someone to boost their offense and may have their sights set on Sam Gagner of the Edmonton Oilers.

    Gagner may be the odd man out on the Oilers given their pool of young talent, so perhaps the Blues will be able to obtain him. 

Tampa Bay Lightning: Defense

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    The Tampa Bay Lightning need to address the number of goals they have been giving up.

    Some have suggested that its because Dwayne Roloson is showing his age.

    However, there's a good possibility that with a better blue line in front of him, Roloson will perform even better.

    Therefore, the defense should be the thing to address. 

Toronto Maple Leafs: Goaltending

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    James Reimer is currently suffering an injury.

    Besides that, the Toronto Maple Leafs' goaltending has left something to be desired.

    The team may look to make a goaltending addition, especially since Reimer is out for now. 

Vancouver Canucks: Defense

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    The Vancouver Canucks should look to add to their defense, but they seem to have a lot of interest in Kyle Turris of the Phoenix Coyotes.

    However, their defense leaves more to be desired and could use some help. 

Washington Capitals: Defense

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    The Washington Capitals have their offense covered, and goaltending is pretty well set, too.

    That just leaves defense.

    They added Roman Hamrlik over the summer, but with the various injuries that Mike Green tends to suffer from, they could use another defenseman for insurance. 

Winnipeg Jets: Scoring and Goaltending

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    The Winnipeg Jets have only averaged 2.43 goals per game this season, but have also averaged 3.14 goals against per game.

    Something needs to be done to address that discrepancy. 

    It can be addressed with different goaltending or with more scorers.