10 Worst Nicknames in Hockey History

April WeinerCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2011

10 Worst Nicknames in Hockey History

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    Most hockey nicknames are not that creative. Generally, they are some form of the player’s name with either a “y” or “er” added to the name.

    However, others are little more creative, both good and bad. Let’s take a look at some of the latter.

    Maybe some of these aren’t necessarily the worst, but many are certainly unfortunate.

    Here are 10 of the worst nicknames in hockey history. 


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    Jose Theodore was given the nickname "Threeormore" as a play on his last name and his propensity to let in three or more goals.

    This would be a great nickname if he were a skater, but it's not a great nickname for a goaltender. 

    It's funny from an outsider's perspective, but it's not from his perspective. 

Puppa Scoopa

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    Darren Puppa spent spent 15 years in the NHL playing for the Buffalo Sabres, Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Unfortunately for him, his last name fit well with the word "scooper," to give him the nickname "Puppa Scoopa." 

    That's rather unfortunate. 


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    Patrick Hornqvist's nickname is "Horny" because it's a shortening of his name with the typical "y" added on the end.

    In that sense, it's pretty normal.

    However, we all know why that's an unfortunate nickname to have. 


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    Sam Gagner's nickname is "Gags," which is also just a shortening of his name, with an "s" added to the end, another fairly common type of hockey nickname.

    However, a nickname that has the connotation of gagging is rather unfortunate. 


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    Ales Hemsky's last name already sounds like a hockey nickname, but his actual nickname is "Hemmer."

    Hemmer isn't necessarily all that awful, but "Hemi" seems like it might have been another, perhaps better option, since it's a type of car engine. 


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    Patrick O’Sullivan's nickname is generally "Sully" but sometimes he is referred to as "POS" since that's the abbreviation of his initials.

    POS is not a nickname you want to have if you know what it stands for. (And no, not "point of sale.")


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    Alex Burrows' nickname is "Brrrr" which obviously comes from the first syllable his surname.

    I suppose it's better than what it could be, considering the notoriety he gained after the Stanley Cup Finals this year. 

    Even better, we could combine the two and just call him "Frostbite." 

The Subbanator

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    P.K. Subban's nickname is "The Subbanator" or at least that's what he's decided his nickname will be.

    It's bad for two reasons. One, it breaks the cardinal rule of nicknames; you can't dub yourself something. Second, it's just not very good. 


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    Marc Pouliot's nickname is just a shortening of his last name: "Pou." 

    Unfortunately for him, it sounds exactly like "poo," which is not something you want yourself to be associated with. 


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    Like many others, Kyle Cumiskey's nickname is a shortening of his name with "er" attached. Unfortunately for him, that translates to "Cummer."

    That has to take the cake as the most unfortunate (printable) nickname.