NHL Video: Craziest Announcer Goal Calls in Hockey History

April WeinerCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2011

NHL Video: Craziest Announcer Goal Calls in Hockey History

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    There are a lot of great announcers in the game of hockey, past and present. There are legends like Doc Emrick and all the legends from shows like Hockey Night in Canada. 

    There are also a lot of crazy announcers. Then there are the announcers that are perfectly sane, but have some crazy goal calls.

    This list combines some of the latter two.

    Here are some of the craziest goal calls in NHL history. 

Dave Mishkin

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    Dave Mishkin is one of the announcers for the Tampa Bay Lightning and his goal call is pretty crazy-sounding. 

    It's almost akin to the futbol goal calls, as the video alludes to the at the end. 

Ralph Strangis and Darryl Reaugh

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    Ralph Strangis and Darryl Reaugh are the renowned announcers for the Dallas Stars. 

    Some of their expressions and descriptions are quite colorful, particularly this description of Mike Ribiero's shootout goal.

    I don't think I've ever heard someone use the expression "You gotta beat the lizard stick." 

Doc Emrick

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    Doc Emrick has been an announcer for years, and even he didn't know what was going on in Game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals, when Patrick Kane scored the OT and Stanley Cup-winning goal.

    His explanation, followed by "What chaos," to announce the goal is priceless. 

Jim Hughson

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    Another confused announcer from the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 was Jim Hughson of CBC Sports. 

    "Where the puck?" followed by "It's over" is one way to call the goal. 

Yale Hockey Announcer

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    Crazy excited hockey goal calls are not confined to just the professional leagues. They have them in college too, apparently.

    The Yale announcer is really good at his job and goes crazy for each goal in this video.

    If that's the reception waiting them, it's no wonder they're scoring a lot of goals, in this game at least. 

Rick Peckham

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    Rick Peckham is the play-by-play man for the Tampa Bay Lightning and as such, he's excited that Vinny Lecavalier scored this goal.

    Kind of strangely excited, judging by the way he says "3 nothing Lightning!" at the end. 

Doc Emrick

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    It's not often that Doc Emrick makes a mistake, but this time, he thinks that a goal has been scored, but it wasn't. 

    "SCOOOORE!...No, what do we have here? I apologize." 

Jack Edwards

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    Jack Edwards says some pretty crazy things in general, so his goal calls are relatively sane in comparison.

    However, sometimes they are some of the more colorful ones.

    Like when he calls Johnny Boychuk "Johnny Rocket" after this goal. 

QMJHL Goal Call

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    Crazy goal calls are not just confined to the professional leagues and collegiate levels, they happen in the major juniors as well. 

    Like this QMJHL announcer who goes nuts after this goal. 

Mike Lange

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    Mike Lange is known for his "Langeisms", a.k.a. creative expressions he used in his announcing of Pittsburgh Penguins games.

    Such as when Sidney Crosby scored his first NHL goal, Lange first used the expression "Slap me silly, Sidney!"

More Mike Lange

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    You didn't think that one goal call from Mike Lange would be sufficient for this list, did you?

    No, Lange has given us even better goal calls.

    TSN compiled this top ten list of Mike Lange's "Langeisms" for our enjoyment. 

Rick Jeanneret

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    One of the most entertaining hockey announcers is the Buffalo Sabres' announcer, Rick Jeanneret. 

    Here's one compilation of his entertaining goal calls. 

More Rick Jeanneret

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    Even more goal calls from the always entertaining Rick Jeanneret for the Buffalo Sabres. 

Even More Rick Jeanneret

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    When I said Rick Jeanneret is one of the most entertaining hockey announcers, I meant it.

    Here he says that Thomas Vanek "turned everybody inside out and upside down." 

    Well I'm not sure he did quite that, but it was quite a goal. 

Last Rick Jeanneret

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    Last Rick Jeanneret, I promise. 

    "Top shelf where Mama hides the cookies!"


    In case you're interested, cookies are a recurring theme in Jeanneret's goal calls.  

Randy Moller

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    Alongside Rick Jeanneret, Randy Moller, announcer for the Florida Panthers, has to be the most creative hockey announcer.

    For this Stephen Weiss goal, Moller reminds us all that it is "Shark Week." 

More Randy Moller

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    One thing that Randy Moller likes to do in his goal calls is throw in a lot of cultural references, from movies such as "Wedding Crashers." 

    It might be nonsensical at times, but it makes for great entertainment. 

Even More Randy Moller

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    There is no shortage of entertaining and unique Randy Moller goal calls. 

    It's really a shame that the Florida Panthers don't get as much viewership as they could; fans are really missing out. 

Meatteau, Matteau, Matteau!

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    We'll end with a classic. 

    Stephane Matteau scored the goal that put the New York Rangers into the Stanley Cup Finals, the final round en route to their Stanley Cup win.

    The announcer's jubilation is contagious and has become a classic moment.