Should the New York Rangers Go After Kyle Turris of the Phoenix Coyotes?

Michael SteinCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2011

DETROIT, MI - APRIL 16: Kyle Turris #91 of the Phoenix Coyotes skates with the puck while playing the Detroit Red Wings in Game Two of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Joe Louis Arena on April 16, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Kyle Turris, just a few years ago, was considered to be one of the top prospects in the world.  Oh, how things change.

Dave Tippett, in Phoenix, has seemingly drawn the ire of Turris, who this week has requested a trade. His contract demands appeared ridiculous, asking for $3 million-$4 million per season, but it seems it was only a ploy to force Don Maloney's hand.  My first thought is that with the increased stockpile of interesting prospects that the Rangers have, maybe Kyle Turris is the over-the-top blue-chip prospect that they lack.

First of all...where would Turris fit?  He himself would argue that he belongs in the league.  That remains to be seen.  If Torts agreed...he should be an immediate fit on the third line.  At this moment, the Ranger lines are as follows: Stepan-Richards-Gaborik, Callahan-Anisimov-Dubinsky, Prust-Boyle-Fedotenko, Rupp-Newbury-Christensen.  

I would argue that the first three lines we have are solid.  Cally, Gaborik and Richards have had a solid start to the year.

I feel, considering the great defensive corps most teams boast, that a solid offense contains four competent lines. Our "fourth line" at this point is questionable at best, considering also that Wolski and Zuccarello have seen time on it.  Those two players deserve better; they need playmakers around them.  It's a line of "whatever's left," and usually, that's not the best way to handle it. 

I would scrap Rupp-Newbury-Christensen, and instead have Zucc-Turris-Wolski.  If Wolski faltered, Ryan Bourque is around.  He's in Hartford at the moment.  Considering this line would play about 10-12 minutes a night, at worst, I think they could handle it.  

Also, Chris Kreider and Christian Thomas will most likely be ready to join the team next year.  With Stepan and Dubinsky being moved from center to wing, and seemingly doing well...another talented center, who's not yet ready for first-line duty, isn't a bad thing to acquire.  Rupp could be that 13th forward...he or Christensen.

It's important to know history as well.  One of the last disgruntled prospects, Tim Erixon, landed in our lap.  Sather, who's actually decent at making trades, saw blood in the water and attacked.  He needs to do the same here.

We have done plenty of business before with Don Maloney.  He's very familiar with our players.  He's acquired Michal Roszival, Lauri Korpikoski, Nigel Dawes and Petr Prucha from us.  Making a trade with Phoenix wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.  Maloney likes the prospects he's already helped to pick when he worked with us.  

One that still sticks out is Carl Hagelin.  Hagelin was picked in 2007, Maloney's last draft with the Rangers.  Most of us who follow the Rangers and their prospects feel that the former captain of Michigan has the potential to be an explosive second- or third-liner.  

However...Bourque and Thomas also have that potential.  It's a position of strength.  Would Maloney be game?

Potential deal: Carl Hagelin, Erik Christensen and a second-round pick for Kyle Turris.

Would you even consider it if it was Carl Hagelin and a first for Kyle Turris and a mid-level prospect?

To finish I feel that the first two Ranger lines, the Richards line and the Anisimov line, are basically set. Stepan looked great so far on the top line, and the Pack line, at the worst, will be unspectacular but very solid.  

We all know that Boyle-Prust and either Feds or Rupp will be a good hard-working fourth line. In my opinion, having Turris come in and work with potential scorers, not grinders, in Zucc and Wolski (or Bourque) seemingly puts all of those players in the position not just to do well, but to grow with each other.  

All of those players need offensive talent around them, and just time to develop.  Considering they wouldn't be the Rangers' first option, they'd be able to play not against another team's top defensemen. Interesting/potential move?