Capital Vs. Maple Leafs: Tyler's Weekly Hockey Night In Canada Preview

Tyler HillAnalyst IDecember 6, 2008

Saturday! Hockey Night in Canada is set to air tonight. Maple Leafs take on the Washington Capitals, unfortunately, that means Alex Ovechkin, as well. 

I would also like to say that, although the new HNIC theme is good, I think it is complete bull-shit that CBC wouldn’t keep the old one around. It is a tradition and now my nephews and everyone one else their age will not be able to hear the true HNIC Theme!


Team Records:   Washington: 14-9-3-31pts

                         Toronto: 9-11-6-21pts

My Thoughts 

Leafs have only two wins in the last 9 games, I for one am sick of it and say it’s about damn time they won a few games! With Vesa letting in the first shot of the game it hasn’t really helped them out a lot. If Ovechkin is on his game and Toskala isn’t Leafs fans are in for a long night. The good news for the Leafs is they are returning from a three game road trip too some good old fashioned home cooked meals.

As for the Caps, I can honestly say I haven’t seen a lot of them this year, but judging from their 5-2 win Thursday night, having 31 points and leading their division, I would venture to say they must be doing something right.


Game Analysis

Once again I have to say Toronto will be the better team defensively, but whether or not that will be enough to stop Ovie, Semin, Backstrom and others, is the real question. I have been happy with the current play of Jeff Finger, it is still too early to tell weather or he is worth $3.5 million dollars, none the less, he has proven to be a valuable member of the team.

On the offensive side of thing there are really on two words to describe it: Alex Ovechkin. He is a definite threat to any team and can make any goalie shiver when he steps on the ice, if the Leafs want a chance their big guns will have to really step up in this game.

I’ve already mentioned Toskala and his consistency to let in the first shot of the game for the last three games. Hopefully this will not be the case this game. The last thing a team need against this team, or in any game for that matter, is to fall behind the 8-ball that early in a game.


Game Expectation and Projected Score:

Combine the offensive threat Washington poses and the declining play of Vesa Toskala and it looks very bad for the Leafs this game. But, all that in mind, I think the Leafs Skaters will rise to the challenge and pull off a win.


Pick: Toronto 5-3