Hilary Duff Pregnant: Expecting Mike Comrie and Duff Have Superbaby Boy on Way

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Hilary Duff Pregnant: Expecting Mike Comrie and Duff Have Superbaby Boy on Way
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What do you get when you combine a pro hockey player and a Disney actress turned hot millionaire? We're about to find out. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie are expecting, according to People.

The couple announced on the Ellen DeGeneres show that they were having a boy, but haven't decided upon a name yet. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter what they name their son, he's bound for glory.

Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow, who named her baby Apple. It doesn't matter what you name your celebribabies, they're destined to be sensational.

With Duff's ridiculously good looks and Comrie's superior athletic ability, their baby is tailor made to be an Abercrombie model and Hall of Fame hockey player, should he so choose to do so.

What should the couple name their baby?

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Duff and Comrie are open to baby-name suggestions from the public. How about Superman? It's fitting, though not original. A New Zealand couple once named their baby Superman, after their original name for the baby, 4Real, was rejected.

The most fitting approach may be something bizarrely traditional. It's a fairly uncommon approach for celebrities, as most of them want to name their baby something spectacular.

If they name their baby Joe, with no middle name, he's bound to exceed expectations. He doesn't need an extravagant name for people to recognize his awesomeness. When people bow to Joe, it will point to just how incredible he is.

Whatever they choose to name their baby will be an overwhelming success. He's going to have the means to legitimize even the most bizarre nicknames.

When his friends come over and Duff is making lemonade and Comrie is on TV, it's hard to see children poking fun at the child, who might need to turn himself into a symbol once his celebrity surpasses his name.

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