Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin: Why Some Fans Hate the NHL's Biggest Stars

April WeinerCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2011

Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin: Why Some Fans Hate the NHL's Biggest Stars

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    Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby are the biggest current NHL stars, despite the fact that Crosby hasn’t played in 10-plus months and Ovechkin had an off-year statistically last season.

    Many fans hate them.

    The reason each of the player’s respective teams hates the other player is because of the intense rivalry. Most of the time, people don’t love players who don’t play for their team.

    However, there are more reasons that each of these players is hated.

    Let’s take a look at the most common complaints about each of them. 

Alex Ovechkin: "Showmanship"

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    Alex Ovechkin has taken some heat in his career for showmanship, particularly his 50th goal celebration from a couple years ago that drew the ire of Don Cherry, among others.

    Some people view that as being a disrespectful celebration, but others believe that scoring 50 goals earns you the right to celebrate like that.

    He has backed off his showmanship though in recent years. 

Alex Ovechkin: "Dirty Player"

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    Another complaint about Alex Ovechkin is that he's a dirty player and that some of his hits go over the top. 

    Just search for "Alex Ovechkin Dirty" on Google or YouTube, and plenty of things will pop up from things people have posted.

    Is Ovechkin a dirty player or he just a physical force on the ice? 

    That's a matter of opinion, really. 

Alex Ovechkin: "Puck Hog"

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    People have argued that Alex Ovechkin is a puck hog because he scores so many goals.

    I don't particularly understand this argument because you want your best player to have the puck the most, since chances are that he'll score.

    Ironically, every season since he's been in the league except two, Ovechkin has had just as many assists (usually more) than he's had goals.

    The numbers take care of that argument. 

Alex Ovechkin: "Full of Himself"

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    A final argument is that Alex Ovechkin is full of himself.

    Unfortunately, when you’re a young phenom like Ovechkin is, you’re probably going to be at least a little full of yourself and sometimes you have a right to be. 

    In general, Ovechkin doesn't seem as full of himself as he could be, but different people are going to have different impressions. 

Sidney Crosby: "Whining"

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    The most common complaint about Sidney Crosby is that he is a whiner.

    When he was a rookie, Crosby was really bad about needlessly whining to the refs and always whining in general.

    People don’t give him credit for getting better about it since then.

    Yes, he still talks to the refs; however, as captain that’s part of his job.

    Maybe he whines more than other players, but maybe people just notice it more when he does it. 

Sidney Crosby: "Diving"

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    Another common complaint about Sidney Crosby is that he dives too much. That's a common complaint about the Pittsburgh Penguins team, really.

    Diving is definitely not respected in hockey and if people believe that Crosby dives a lot, then obviously they're not going to like him.

    Does he dive? 

    Diving is hard to prove, like in this video. Clearly, Henrik Lundqvist believes it was a dive and clearly Crosby was countering that he was, in fact, not diving. 

Sidney Crosby: "Overhyped/Gary Bettman's Pet"

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    (Yes, I substituted "pet" for another word people commonly use.) 

    A common complaint, from Jeremy Roenick even this week, is that Sidney Crosby is overhyped by Gary Bettman, the league and the media.

    After all, people do talk about him a lot and, yes, we do too. However, his name is constantly a trending topic, meaning people are searching for information about him, which is why he gets so much coverage.

    It is understandable that people would get tired of hearing about him because there are plenty of other stars in the league as well. It’s like when you love a a new song; if it's replayed too much, you begin to hate it.

    However, that's out of Crosby's control. 

Sidney Crosby: "Gold-Medal Winning Goal"

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    If you're an American, if you didn't hate Sidney Crosby already, chances are you do now after he scored the gold medal-winning goal against Ryan Miller and Team USA in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

    That was a sad day for Team USA. 

Both: Jealousy

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    But the No. 1 reason that both players are hated is jealousy.

    It’s why Wayne Gretzky was hated by some, and why Mario Lemieux and other great players were hated during their careers.

    People wish they were on their team, or jealous of their successes and how they’ve made their team successful. 

    If either of these players were on your team, you'd love them. And if you say you wouldn't, you'd be crazy not to considering what each does for their respective teams.