The Philadelpha Inquirer Is A Lousy Newspaper

JerseySenior Analyst IDecember 4, 2008

I've never read a single article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, but I'm pretty sure that none of its writers have any journalistic integrity. Okay, maybe some of them do. But not John Gonzalez. Or whoever his editor is. Well, somebody. Somebody at the PI is stupid.

The point is, Sean Avery was recently suspended for making some comments about his ex, Elisha Cuthbert, and the Calgary hockey player who is currently Phaneuf-ing her. He shouldn't have been suspended, but that's for another post, which I already wrote.

Well, the apparently too-offensive comment was the term "sloppy seconds." Apparently, this is the worst possible way to refer to an ex-girlfriend. Personally, I can think of many, many more offensive terms, but in the interest of not losing my entire readership, I won't list them.

But hey, apparently "sloppy seconds" has been added to the late George Carlin's list of offensive words banned by the FCC. Well, maybe not the FCC, but definitely the staff at the PI. See, in Gonzalez's article today (well, it wasn't exactly an article, it was more of a conversation between Gonzalez, Phil Sheridan, and Ashley Fox, but no matter), Gonzalez quoted Avery, only "sloppy seconds" was censored out, and replaced with "former girlfriends."

Duuuuude. You're kidding me. How offensive is this term? Last I checked, this is 2008 (almost 2009!), not 1742 or something. What's next? Darn Yankees? Heck's Angels?

I really don't know why everyone's going so overboard with this. Avery never should have been suspended, and the only justification is that he's been a nuisance for too long already, and that this just broke the camel's back. But to censor it from a newspaper? You're joking. I thought the Avery suspension was dumb to begin with, but this takes it to a whole new level.