Sean Avery Is Killing The Dallas Stars

Jack MeoffCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

So Sean Avery, journeyman, is suspended for referring to Elisha Cuthbert as sloppy seconds.

Pretty weak reason to suspend a guy.

But that's my opinion.

What's not just my opinion is that the Stars were a damn good team last year(without Avery) and this year they suck.

The Dallas Stars suck.

I'm going to type that one more time because I like the way it looks.

The Dallas Stars suck.


He's tearing apart the team.

Marty Turco stared at his feet while he spoke:

We expect that out of him like we have all year...ah...yeah, and the show continues.

Brad Richards shook his head sadly and avoided the camera while offering up:

I don't know what he's none of my business what he says and I'd rather not talk about Sean. He's got his own things going on.

Ringing endorsements to be sure. Now maybe this isn't the sentiments of the team, but Turco and Richards are two of the Star's best players, much better then Avery, and all they can do is bite their tongues while they shift uneasily when they should be supporting their teammate.

Mike Modano has already come out and said before this entire fiasco occured that he didn't want to be part of a team that conducted itself in the manner in which the Stars are doing. He added:

It's way out of the ordinary and way out of what we expect out of each other, and you know... It's gonna be dealt with and how it plays out, I'm not sure.

Avery's coach, Dave Tippett:

To announce something like that for everybody to hear, to me that crosses the line.

It's not enough to read the quotes, seek out the soundbites. Look at the body language of his teammates and his coach. Avery is a cancer. He's not getting suspended because he said sloppy seconds. He's getting suspended by Bettman because he had it coming.

Star's ownership supported the decision because his absence might just save their season. 

Without Avery the Stars took Calgary 2-1.

As a Sharks fan I can't wait for his return.