Hooter Girls Almost Trip Up Leafs in La La Land on The Way to Cup

Graeme Boyce@CivilizedGraemeCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008


There's a couple of things that require special attention when heading into the Staples Center, keeping in mind I've had nothing but positive experiences while there (yet we should've beaten the Kings in Game six way back), and these things involve rumour.  So, first, we hear (a) the Kings are a good team, but now we know the Leafs are better, and (b) their women are so hot they render men useless.

However, it seems to me before the game either someone slipped the lads a collective roofie, or someone whispered that the Hooter girls wanted to visit the dressing room. No one wanted a messed up face if that were indeed proven true however. 

Now back to reality.  My prediction of a hat-trick was close, as we scored three goals on yet another newcomer goalie who will stand on his head when playing against the Leafs. The visiting girls were alas a rumour.

But, we were playing in LA.  At least half the stands were filled with expats from Toronto, which surely must have made the game a super hot ticket throughout the day!  So, in spite of the innuendo, the Leafs finally woke up and gave the fans what they came out to see: a victory, and nothing less.

As suspected, Moore stepped up to the plate and will continue in that role tonight as not just another pretty face, but a solid contributor and occasional goal scorer. In fact, it makes Poni quite useless, given his financial demands to be a Leaf. 

When Coach Wilson first joined he made an excellent comment to the unsuspecting journalists surrounding him that this team was one of the fastest in the league.  He made no mention of our goaltending situation, not that i think about it.

If there's one fact that stands up in the win last night, it was the Leafs' collective speed and getting to pucks in the corners. This enabled Finger to score his goal, albeit an empty netter, but it was cool to see him rewarded on the score sheet after being sent off for simply defending himself, and in a rather unspirited manner actually.

Keep in mind, if my suggested rule change came into effect he would never had left the ice.  My rule change would see all rules eliminated only to be replaced by one rule: Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

Lately, I've stated that Toskala could be traded along with Antropov and Poni, along with Blake.  But with Mayers going down for a month, decision day on Blake can wait.  I like the fact Burke says he's not going to rush into a trade, but if he's looking at our Top Six, how can he do anything, but trade for some vaunted firepower? 

Both Stempniak and Kulemin showed us they're competing for Top Snapshot, and tonight I predict one of them will score the game winner.  Yes, I predict a victory against the conference leading Sharks.  I have a feeling Toskala has found his groove, and he will in fact stand on his head tonight, for once.

One suggestion: with Mayers down now, bring up Bell.