Quick Update On The Yanks, Devils, And Nets

JerseySenior Analyst IDecember 2, 2008

Lost among the Plaxico Burress hoopla are three side notes about my other favorite teams.

On the Yanks: They didn't offer arbitration to anyone. Not Andy Pettitte, not Bobby Abreu, not anybody. I don't know why they didn't offer arbitration to Abreu. He'd be fine for another year; they just don't want to commit long-term. Arbitration would have been an intelligent solution. But no, they neglected to do it. Very, very odd.

On the Nets: Apparently, some people believe. The Nets have gotten off to a surprising start, taking care of some weaker or injury-plagued teams. Well, some people think they're for real: ESPN's Marc Stein has them ranked ninth overall in the NBA! Pretty good for a team not expected to do anything for the next two years.

John Hollinger, though, isn't as ready to jump on the bandwagon, and has them 19th, much more in line with their pre-season predicted rank, although definitely higher than expected. ESPN's readers lie in between the two, but do have the Nets in the top half of the league (barely) at number 15. I do think Devin Harris is legit, but I'm skeptical of this early-season success.

On the Devils: Brian Rolston is almost back! The slow trickle of returning players has begun, and the big offseason acquisition hopes to play Thursday against Philly. I bet Shaq is as thrilled as I am.