NHL: 13 Unwritten Hockey Rules That You Just Can't Break

Tab BamfordSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2011

NHL: 13 Unwritten Hockey Rules That You Just Can't Break

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    In any sport, there's a "code" among players that simply cannot be broken.

    If a hitter gets plunked in a baseball game, odds are that his pitcher will bring the same noise back.

    When a superstar takes a hard foul, your team's best player will probably get hit on their next trip to the hoop.

    If you take a shot at the quarterback, you're putting your quarterback at risk for the rest of the game.

    And in hockey, if you break one of these 13 rules, there might be hell to pay.

Don't Shoot the Puck at the Opposite Net Before/During/After Warm-Ups

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    Every once in a while, especially during the Stanley Cup Finals, someone will cross this line and send a puck flying the length of the ice. But this is generally considered a no-no in the hockey world, and there are generally physical consequences for the player who makes the shot.

Never Shoot High During Warm-Ups

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    The last thing any team needs is a goalie getting his bell rung by an idiot sniper before the game starts.

Goalies: Don't Hit an Opponent in the Pucks

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    It's a cheap shot and doesn't need to happen.

If Someone on Your Line Has Two Goals, Try to Get Him a Third

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    Pretty common knowledge here: if a guy gets two goals in a game, and there's time left, he should get almost every shot on his line the rest of the way.

Don't Touch the Goalie's Water Bottle

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    A goalie's water is his, and should only leave the back of the net if it's in the goalie's hand or when a missile hits it. Even in rec leagues, touching the goalie's water is considered bush league.

If You Want to Drop the Gloves, Take off Your Helmet

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    If you're going to chirp at someone, and that person agrees that the music is on and it's time to dance, square the odds and fight like a man.

Never Leave the Bench During a Fight

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    Whatever is happening on the ice has to be dealt with by the skaters who are on the ice. If you're on the bench, wait until your next shift to start something.

Don't Jump into a Fight You Aren't Part of Already

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    I don't want to use the word "typical" or phrase "players emulating coach," but Alain Vigneault clearly jumps Al Secord here while he's engaged with another player. That's bush league, no matter what level of hockey.

Don't Talk Trash to the Media About a Player Better Than You

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    Consider the tires full, Bobby.

Don't Touch the Conference Champions Trophies

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    This didn't work out too well for Mike Richards.

Wait Until the Game Starts to Drop the Gloves

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    Stay on your side of the ice, keep your hands to yourself, and wait for the puck to hit the ice before your gloves follow suit.

Don't Shave Until Your Postseason Ends

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    It's called a Playoff Beard. Some guys (Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane) struggle to fulfill their facial hair promise despite a deep run, while other (Shea Weber) put together a follicle collection Paul Bunyan would be proud of in what seems a matter of hours.

    But once their respective seasons end, it's gone. Until the next year.

Don't Touch the Stanley Cup Until It's Yours

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    If it ain't yours, leave it be.