Montreal Canadiens: Is Brock Trotter What the Habs Are Looking for?

Jason HitelmanCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2011

MONTREAL, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 20:  Brock Trotter #59 of the Montreal Canadiens battles for the puck with Raymond Sawada #12 of the Dallas Stars during the NHL pre-season game at the Bell Centre on September 20, 2011 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  The Stars defeated the Canadiens 6-3.  (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Brock Trotter returned from the KHL to don the Montreal Canadiens jersey in their first preseason match this year.

At times, Trotter was dazzling. He was fast and showed off some pretty fancy footwork. He looked far superior to the other forwards vying for the now coveted 13th forward position.

The problem with Trotter is that his skill set looks like that of a top-six forward. Unfortunately, that is not a position that is looking to be filled as present time.

The 24-year-old sometimes looked like he was trying to do too much. I'm not sure he'd fit in as a bare bones type of forward.

It seems that his game was refined while playing for Riga. Though he only managed 26 points in 49 games, his speed looks to have improved.

I'm just not sure how many more small forwards the Habs need.

I think that if Trotter had stuck around in Hamilton last year, he could have been in the same position as David Desharnais is in now.

I suppose there is always the opportunity for him to start his way up from the fourth line and work his way up the ranks, but will there be any openings in the foreseeable future?

Trotter is turning 25 years old in January. How long will he be willing to toil?

The only way he would be able to play the style of game that he'd like to is if the team suffered some injuries.

I'm not saying that can't happen, I just don't want it to.

I wonder if, because of his skill level, he would be apt to try too much if given the role of an energy forward. Big mistakes can be made when attempting spin-o-ramas to impress your coach.

I like Brock Trotter. I think that thus far (after only two preseason games played, granted), he is the front-runner for the open spot at forward.

I'm just very concerned that if given the position, he wouldn't really know what to do with it.

That said, it is likely that if Trotter miraculously grew three inches, I would be lauding him as the next Habs power forward.

It's amazing how much we want what we can't have.

Why didn't Pierre Gauthier sign Zenon Konopka again?

Hindsight is 20/20, right? Maybe Brock will embrace the role and be a great grinder in the NHL.

But with all that talent...


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