NHL Free Agent Rumors: 5 Teams That Could Be Interested in Mike Modano

Scott SemmlerAnalyst IISeptember 11, 2011

NHL Free Agent Rumors: 5 Teams That Could Be Interested in Mike Modano

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    It is a tough decision for Mike Modano, one that he has been thinking about ever since last season ended.

    At his age and skill level, Modano is looking for nothing more than either another shot at the Stanley Cup or the option to finish with a franchise that has shown him so much love over his 20-year career.

    Currently, he is nothing more than a player to complement the top two lines, if that. 

    Still, we see several teams inquiring about the top US points leader in NHL history.

    Here are teams that can and will be interested in Modano if he returns to the NHL next season.

5. Minnesota Wild

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    Sort of a crazy idea, if you ask me. 

    Why would Mike Modano want to finish his career in Minnesota?

    The 41-year-old did get drafted by a team from Minnesota, the North Stars, before moving to Dallas.

    But does that connection mean that much to Modano?

    Not likely.

    The Wild have shown interest, but Modano will want a chance at the Cup in his final season in the NHL.

4. Anaheim Ducks

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    Some reports claim that the Ducks are after Modano, but some refute that idea. The internet at its finest.

    If you break it down, though, what interest does Anaheim have in Modano anyway?

    The Ducks already have their roster set and there is relatively no wiggle room to fit him in anywhere.

    Modano will not be heading to Anaheim if the facts add up.

3. Dallas Stars

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    As much as Modano returning to the Stars would be a fairy tale ending, it simply has a low chance of actually happening.

    Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk chose to part ways with Modano in 2009, and has since entertained the idea of the 41-year-old playing for the team again.

    It makes incredible sense for Modano to sign there.  They need another forward and it was the city in which Modano will go down in history with.

    However, only one side seems to be pulling, and it is not the Dallas front office.

2. San Jose Sharks

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    The Sharks seem to be after just about everyone these days. After a busy offseason, it does not surprise many to see GM Doug Wilson go after Modano.

    It's not that the team can't use him.

    Currently, the Sharks have signed 49 of 50 spots on the roster. Modano is available to be that final one, and a veteran winger is just what the team needs.

    It literally is a two-team race if Modano decides to play another season, and San Jose is one of them.

1. Detroit Red Wings

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    Mike Modano should retire based on the fact he has accomplished just about everything the sport has to offer.

    However, if he want that last shot at another Cup, it would be with a team in which he has familiarity with.  Since the Stars seem like a no-go, the Wings would be the next best fit.

    The Red Wings would already love to have him back, they are just waiting for Modano's answer to retirement.

    Modano and the Wings seem to fit if he decides to return to the NHL.