Winnipeg Jets Uniforms: The NHL's 10 Best New Uniforms of the Past 15 Years

Andrew EideCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2011

Winnipeg Jets Uniforms: The NHL's 10 Best New Uniforms of the Past 15 Years

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    The Winnipeg Jets decided to use an air force base to reveal their much anticipated new sweaters on Tuesday. The setting made sense as the Jets had been keeping the new look as top secret as they could. 

    The new look is getting mixed reviews so far.

    When a team is new or looking to update their look they are taking a risk. Choose wisely and you will sell a ton of jerseys and maybe create a new iconic look. Choose badly and you will be reinventing your image every five years or so.

    Teams like Boston, Chicago and Montreal nailed it the first time out and have had relatively little change to their sweaters.

    Over the past 15 years there have been a number of new sweaters and logos revealed by NHL teams. How does the new Jets sweaters match up with the best of the past 15 years.

    Here is the list of the best 10 new sweaters of the past 15 years. These are new sweaters only, not the dreaded third jersey that many teams employ.

    What were your favorites?

10. Anaheim Ducks: 2006

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    In 2006 the Anaheim Ducks dropped the Disney cartoon look and went with these more grown up sweaters.

    They also got rid of the over abundance of teal and went with a more sinister black look...which matched their style of play those days.

    It worked as these were the sweaters they wore when they won the Stanley Cup.

9. Los Angeles Kings: 2002

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    The Kings have been through a number of sweater alterations. When they acquired Wayne Gretzky in the 1990's they went with the ever popular silver and black.

    Eventually they went back to their purple roots and tweaked it to perfection in 2002 with these nice looking sweaters.

    The old purple and gold throw backs they wore last year were pretty nice too, sadly the team recently announced they are getting rid of the purple once and for all.

    No word on whether or not that was one of Drew Doughty's contract demands.

8. Minnesota Wild: 2000

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    When Minnesota was able to get an NHL franchise they raised a lot of eyebrows with the questionable nick name "Wild". What did/does that even mean?

    They made up for the name with some pretty slick looking sweaters.

    Too many franchises these days come out with overly busy looks. The Wild went simple and sleek, these look like hockey sweaters.

7. Phoenix Coyotes: 2003

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    When the original Winnipeg Jets first moved to the desert they revamped their whole look. New country, city, name and sweater.

    There first sweater attempt was a big swing and miss. It was some sort of psychedelic looking Aztec-like coyote with a hockey stick.

    It was as confusing as hockey in Arizona is.

    They toned it down nicely in 2003 to these slick looking sweaters. One wonders if they will go back to the original Nordiques sweaters next year.

6. Vancouver Canucks: 2007

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    The Vancouver Canucks have a long way to go to get hockey fans to forget their horrible black and gold V-neck sweaters they wore in the 80's. Since that era, their logo and sweaters have been in a constant state of flux.

    In 2007 they went back to their original 1970 color scheme with their updated logo. They paid homage to those original sweaters with the shoulder patch hockey stick.

    There is no truth to the rumor that their next logo will be a Molotov cocktail.

5. Winnipeg Jets: 2011

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    The Jets decided to update their sweaters, forsaking their classic original look. The logo has stirred up some controversy for it's apparent pro-military feel.

    Regardless of how you feel about that, the new sweaters are sleek, simple and stylish.

    Insert your Dustin Byfuglien XXXXL joke here.

4. Nashville Predators: 1999

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    Nashville joined the NHL family in 1999 and, like Minnesota, chose an interesting name that is somewhat cringe worthy.

    However, they chose some pretty cool looking sweaters. Sweaters that were modern, unique and perfect for a new non-traditional hockey market.

    With the struggles the Predators have had keeping their free agents in town, a lot of guys have worn these sweaters over the years.

3. Tampa Bay Lightning: 2012

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    The Tampa Bay Lightning will be joining the Winnipeg Jets in 2011-2012 with new sweaters. The Lightning are moving away from their black jerseys and going with a blue look and a much simplified logo.

    While some are bagging the logo, it is much simpler and sleek and makes Martin St. Louis look like a super hero.

    This is one of the better NHL sweater upgrades.

2. Carolina Hurricanes: 1997

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    The Hartford Whalers had one of the coolest sweaters in hockey history. Who didn't love the whale tail on their crest?

    When the franchise moved south to North Carolina they hit another home run with the Hurricanes sweaters.

    Great colors, unique logo that found a nice way to integrate a puck into the hurricane symbol was nicely done.

    Now, if they could just work a whale into their sweaters...

1. Colorado Avalanche: 1996

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    Colorado is another team that moved and hit a home run with their first sweater choice. While "Avalanche" may not have been the best choice, they sure designed some great sweaters.

    The colors were unique, and not retreads of other NHL franchises, and the logo was striking and incorporated the name and hockey.

    Some people aren't fond of the Yeti foot on the shoulders, but that gives their sweaters a nice quirk, just like the fleur di lis did on the Nordiques sweaters.