Winnipeg Jets Uniform: A Breakdown of the New Uniform

Tom Urtz Jr.Contributor ISeptember 6, 2011

It seems that just a few short months ago, True North held a press conference announcing the relocation and sale of the Thrashers to Winnipeg. The Jets were back in town and all of Manitoba was celebrating. It was a historic sequence of events and the NHL had generated some major media buzz.

Fast forwarding a few weeks, the Jets then unveiled their primary and secondary logos. These images were met with simultaneous criticism and acclaim by critics, fans and supporters. This logo was True North's way of linking the Jets with the prestigious Royal Canadian Air Force. They have a rich and honorable history and True North wanted them to be synonymous with the Winnipeg Jets.

Here in present day, the jerseys have been resolved and they have been met with a similar reception when the Jets revealed their logo a few weeks ago.

What can you say about these jerseys? At first, when I looked at the jerseys, I thought they were plain.

Here is what the Jets had to say about the design of there sweaters.

The jerseys consist largely of two shades of blue. The primary navy blue base of the home dark jerseys is referred to as "Polar Night Blue" which is found on many of today's Royal Canadian Air Force planes, including the Dash 8.

The lighter, secondary blue is called "Aviator Blue" which is similar to the historical colours by used the RCAF, including traditional RCAF flags and the jerseys of the 1948 RCAF Flyers. The jersey also features the previously unveiled primary logo on the front, with the secondary logo placed on the shoulders of each jersey.

"We wanted to create a look that worked well with Reebok's modern and innovative "Edge System" uniforms," said Kevin Cheveldayoff, Executive Vice-President & General Manager of the Winnipeg Jets.

"However, it was also vitally important to us to honour the rich history of hockey in our city, and fit the era of the Royal Canadian Air Force which inspired the primary crest design. The result is clean, simple and traditional."

"Our men and women in uniform are delighted by the gracious manner in which the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club has sought to pay tribute to our time-honoured relationship with this city," said Colonel Blaise Frawley, Commander of 17 Wing.  "Today's announcement at our home in Winnipeg certainly lends a boost to our morale."

Personally, they stayed true to their word when they said they would implement a clean, simple and traditional look.  Could they have done better? Probably yes. I am a hardcore fanatic, and personally, I loved the old Jets jerseys. They were vibrant and full of color compared to the blandness of these jerseys.

It is interesting to take a look at some of the fan created jerseys and how they compare to the actual threads the Jets will sport this season.

I personally was looking for a combination of their blue and red colors. I like that look and there jerseys are very similar. I wonder if the Panthers, Blue Jackets and Penguins may take offense to the Jets ripping of the color scheme for their third jerseys. I know that may sound a bit harsh, but come on, look at the similarities.

If you didn't like the jerseys that were unveiled today, here are some popular knockoffs, and renders made by some fans.

Jets Home

Jets Away

Jets Knockoff

What do you think about the new sweaters? Do they meet your standards as a fan, do they disappoint you, and will you be buying a sweater once they go one sale.

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