Pittsburgh Penguins Doing Everything Right to Work Their Way Back to the Top

Matt HunterCorrespondent INovember 17, 2008

The Pittsburgh Penguins are looking up at the New York Rangers currently, and for some reason they cannot seem to catch up to them. 

The Penguins have been doing everything that they can do to help regain the top spot in the East.

The problem, though, is that the Rangers are doing everything that they can as well to maintain their status as the number one team in the Eastern Conference.  The Rangers have 28 points and have posted a 13-5-2 record.  Pittsburgh is only two games behind with 24 points and a record of 11-4-2.

Pittsburgh is currently on a six-game winning streak. When you look back at the streak, they have beaten good teams in both conferences.

Their most astonishing win was against the Detroit Red Wings.  This win was probably their best win since Game Five of the Stanley Cup Finals.  They proved a lot that night by coming back from a 5-2 deficit to beat Detroit in overtime.

I believe that this win gave the Penguins a lot of momentum and helped to push their winning streak up to six games.

The Penguins have three tough games coming up this week against Minnesota, Atlanta, and a very good Vancouver club.  Their winning streak will be put on the line tomorrow night against the Wild, who are currently third in the Western Conference.

If the Penguins play the way that they have been over the past six games, then they should be able to beat the Wild and Thrashers.  Saturday's game against Vancouver, though, is going to be one just like the Detroit game.

Vancouver has one of the best goaltenders in the league, if not the best, in Roberto Luongo.  The Penguins will have to bring their best game on Saturday in order to have a shot at beating the Canucks.

If the Penguins can get Jordan Staal to keep playing the way he has been, and also keep the power play going, they should have a great shot at taking down the Canucks.

The Penguins' attitude and style of play have led them to a six-game winning streak, and only four points behind the Rangers for the top spot in the East.  If the Penguins want to close that gap, they are going to have keep up the style of play and be able to beat some of the better teams in both conferences this upcoming week.