NHL Hockey: Ranking Anaheim Ducks And Post-Lockout Stanley Cup Rings

Samantha Hoffmann@hawksnumbah1galCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2011

NHL Hockey: Ranking Anaheim Ducks And Post-Lockout Stanley Cup Rings

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    The Stanley Cup. The Holy Grail.

    With winning this iconic and easily recognizable trophy comes a great piece of hardware: the ring.

    Each team creates a new one for their own champions. The rings are huge, and bring back the great memories that come with winning the Cup.

    The following slideshow ranks the post-lockout Stanley Cup rings. 

6. 2011 Champions Boston Bruins- TBA

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    No official pictures of the Boston Bruins' ring have been released yet, so I have nothing to rank it by besides the image of it on the Reebok shirts.

    The image of the ring on the shirt never does the ring justice, so it would be unfair to rank it any higher without a real image of the ring itself.

    However, if it is as nice as the image on the shirt leads me to believe, then it belongs to at least the No. 5 spot on this list.

5. Detroit Red Wings (2008 Champions)

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    The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 2008, over the Pittsburgh Penguins. This decision was to be reversed the following season.

    It is a yellow-gold ring embedded with many diamonds.

    The right side of the ring features a beautiful artistic representation of all of the previous Stanley Cup rings won.

    Via YahooSports:

    It's a "67-gram 14K white gold ring that contains 170 round diamonds, 2 marquise diamonds, 3 pear shaped diamonds and 11 custom cut baguette diamonds." It has several words on it: "Stanley Cup Champions"; "Owner," which is found by four diamonds in honor of the four titles under the Ilitch family; and "Family," because the Red Wings consider themselves a big one

    It is a beautiful ring, but it lacks the color some of the other rings feature. Therefore, it is the lowest-ranked ring on this list, minus the unknown ring of the Boston Bruins.

    Personally, I prefer their 2002 ring.

4. Carolina Hurricanes (2006 Champions)

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    The Carolina Hurricanes won the trophy in 2006.

    Unfortunately, not many details about the ring are available, besides these:

    The ring itself is 14K white gold. The Hurricanes logo is made up on rubies and black sapphires, and surrounds the Stanley Cup. More than 100 diamonds are featured on the ring.

    The right side features a diamond Stanley Cup, the words "Carolina Hurricanes", and both the NHL logo and the alternative Hurricanes logo.

    The left side features the original logo again, along with the player's name and "2006".

    The stunning color, but real lack of any meaningful details, on this ring earn it fourth place on this list.

3. Chicago Blackhawks (2010 Champions)

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    As a Chicago Blackhawks fan myself, I may be a little biased, but this is a beautiful ring.

    Via NHL.com:

    The complex ring crest features the iconic Blackhawks logo and recognizable Stanley Cup, fashioned in round brilliant and marquis cut diamonds against a background of 14 kt. white gold. The diamond-covered top is framed on the left side by “STANLEY CUP” and on the right side by “CHAMPIONS” to record the Blackhawks’ achievement. 

    One side design features seven baguette-cut rubies and two pear-shaped emeralds set in the shape of the Blackhawks’ crossed tomahawks. The respected team symbol is set against the background of a “C” formed in yellow gold and yellow diamonds to recognize the team’s home town and passionate fan base. Each ring is personalized with a championship team member’s name and respective number against an antique black background. 

    On the opposite side, a diamond-studded Stanley Cup and the 2010 season’s motto: One Goal. The world famous cup is framed from top to bottom in fine detail with “Chicago Blackhawks” and the years 2010, 1961, 1938 and 1934 to document the team’s championship history. 

    Intricate engraving on the inside of each player’s ring adds to the distinctive design. The National Hockey League shield and playoff team logos acknowledge the four playoff opponents and series’ scores. The total weight of the championship ring is 91.0 grams and includes 404 diamonds and gemstones totaling approximately 8.00 carats.

    The ring only makes number three on this list, however, because the face of it, while beautiful, lacks the striking color on the face of it that the following ring has.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins (2009 Champions)

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    The Pittsburgh Penguins reversed the decision of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals by besting the Detriot Red Wings.

    Unlike the Red Wings, their rings are very colorful.

    Via NHL.com:

    Each 14 karat white and yellow gold ring contains 167 diamonds, totaling approximately 4.50 carats of diamonds and averaging approximately 100 grams of gold. The top of the ring is crowned with a custom-cut black onyx [e]mbedded with a 1.3 carat pear-shaped diamond to create the Penguins logo. The logo is placed on an image of the Stanley Cup, which is sitting on a bed of round diamonds replicating the arena and ice surface.

    The ring is further adorned with 12 princess-cut diamonds on each side of the shanks. The title “Stanley Cup Champions” is written along the ring’s left and right outer rim/bezel. The left side of the ring features the player’s name and number as well as a list of the team four playoff series victories. The right side of the ring has the year 2009 split with three Stanley Cups, adorned in diamonds. The two outer Stanley Cups are inscribed on top with 91 and 92, paying homage to the Penguins’ two previous championships.

    This ring is both beautiful and colorful, slightly edging it ahead of the Chicago Blackhawks' ring.

1. Anaheim Ducks (2007 Champions)

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    The Anaheim Ducks won hockey's most prized trophy in 2007

    Via NHL.com

    The massive ring is made of 14K white gold, with 110 diamonds used to create the whole ring. The top of the ring spells our STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS down the left and right borders. A raised Stanley Cup is placed along the full length of the ring from top to bottom, filled with 16 diamonds representing the 16 playoff victories needed to win the Cup. Overlaying the Cup is the Ducks stylized “D” logo in 14K yellow gold with “D” bordered in yellow diamonds and the webbed foot made from a custom cut black onyx stone. The remaining background of the top of the ring is covered with white diamonds.

    While being a token of last season’s success, the ring also pays homage to past Ducks seasons on its left side, where under the player’s last name are 14 stones in three different colors. The first 11 are green to symbolize the 11 seasons of the Mighty Ducks under Disney ownership. The next stone is white, symbolizing the lockout, a canceled season and a period of change. Finally, the last two stones are orange and represent the past two years of ownership by Henry and Susan Samueli and a change in name and colors. Also prominent on the right side of the ring is a representation of Honda Center and the old Mighty Ducks logo, which is flanked by ‘93 and ‘07 as the years in between the championship.

    The top of the right portion of the ring commemorates the Stanley Cup title being “California’s First Cup.” A full Ducks logo dominates the middle and the Ducks' playoff record (16-5) and year of the win (2007) fill out the bottom of the left side. 

    The inside barrel of the ring below the top is inscribed “DESTINY IS HEART, SACRIFICE AND PASSION”, which became the team’s motto throughout the playoff run.

    The delightfully colorful and meaningful design of the Anaheim Ducks ring wins it Number One on this list. Not only does the team design feature colors, it also has stones in it. The overwhelming symbolism and detailing on this ring easily earn it first on the list of rings since the lockout.