NHL Jerseys: The 25 Worst Throwback Uniforms in NHL History

Nicholas Goss@@NicholasGoss35Correspondent IAugust 22, 2011

NHL Jerseys: The 25 Worst Throwback Uniforms in NHL History

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    The NHL is known for having some of the best uniforms in sports, past and present.

    It's not uncommon to see hockey fans sporting their favorite sweater or t-shirt of the old Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques, or the former Winnipeg Jets.

    However, there are some NHL teams whose jerseys were simply atrocious, and should never be worn even by the most loyal fans.

    Let's look at the 25 worst throwback jerseys in NHL history.

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Boston Bruins, 1996-2006

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    Thankfully this Boston Bruins jersey was an alternate and not a regularly worn one.

    This jersey is just bad in every way, from the unintimidating logo of a Bruin, to the soft yellow color, and mess at the bottom with black/white stripe things.

    This jersey lasted 10 years too long.

Ottawa Senators, 1930-34

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    I know these Ottawa Senators throwbacks are from 1930, but they couldn't have been thought to be fashionable back then, right?

    From the stripes to the "O" logo, this jersey is just bad.

Dallas Stars, 2003-06

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    Where to begin with this mess?

    For one, the logo of a Bull is weird and doesn't really fit with the name Dallas "Stars".

    Furthermore, the color scheme is quite bad on this sweater.

Los Angeles Kings 1995-96

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    This jersey only lasted one year, can you tell why?

    This looks like a pee wee jersey with the bad stripes and colors. And what about that logo of the King, kind of amateur.

Vancouver Canucks, 1978-85

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    These Vancouver Canucks jerseys are so bad, yet they were worn for eight seasons.

    The design on this one really puzzles me, and the sleeves are strangely put together also. It's hard not to laugh when you first see this jersey.

New York Islanders, 1995-97

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    The logo is really what brings this jersey down, and it almost looks like the Islanders were looking for the Gorton's Fisherman to be their logo here.

    When the Islanders would play on the road with these jerseys, opposing fans would chant "we want fishsticks," in reference to the Fisherman logo.

Montreal Canadiens, 1912-13

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    These jerseys may have looked good in 1912, but the abundance of stripes is too much for today's game.

    The logo of the leaf also seems a bit too small to me.

Vancouver Canucks, 1995-97

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    The Vancouver Canucks are on this list for a second time, and it won't be their last.

    This jersey has a bad mix of colors, and the logo is one of the worst in sports history.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks, 1995-96

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    Not only is the teal color bad on this Anaheim jersey, the logo is really poor.

    This jersey look like something a kids team would wear, and not an NHL one.

Phoenix Coyotes, 1998-2003

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    Where to begin with this one?

    First, the colors are bad. The logo of the Coyote has half of his face covered by a hockey mask, and there are cactuses at the bottom.

Calgary Flames, 2000-03

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    The Calgary Flames have had some quality jerseys over the years, but this may be the worst of them.

    The logo is quite bad, and just doesn't fit with the team concept. 

Detroit Falcons, 1930-32

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    The Detroit Red Wings were preceded by the Detroit Falcons. I think switching to the Red Wings and ditching these jerseys was a solid idea.

Washington Capitals, 2000-07

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    The logo here is decent, but the primary black color doesn't fit with this jersey, and the ugly copper that goes with it is pretty bad.

Vancouver Canucks, 2001-06

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    The Vancouver Canucks make this list again with this terrible alternate jersey.

    The colors are not only bad, but they kind of blend together if you know what I mean, and it just looks weird.

    When I think Canucks, I think orange, yellow, black, green, and blue. Not red.

St. Louis Blues, 1984-87

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    The St. Louis Blues usually have solid jerseys, but in the mid 1980s they certainly did not.

    These jerseys are a bit too plain, and the "Blues" over the logo just doesn't fit.

Chicago Blackhawks, 1937-55

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    The abundance and size of the stripes really make this jersey a complete mess.

    Most of the stripes are a different size and there's no pattern to them. 

    Interestingly, these sweaters were worn by the Blackhawks for almost two decades.

California Golden Seals, 1970-74

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    These jerseys are from the 1970s and maybe that's why they are so "out there," but the color doesn't do it for me and the font of the name "Seals" is also bad.

    But wait, there's more where this came from...

California Golden Seals, 1974-76

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    Here it is, another terrible Seals jersey. It's not hard to figure out why this team did not last very long.

    Would you want to associate yourself with a team like this? Or even wear this jersey out in public?

New York Islanders, 1996-98

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    Here's another bad jersey from the Islanders during the mid-late 1990s.

    The wavy design at the bottom is really bad, and the color scheme on the away jersey especially is horrid.

Los Angeles Kings, 1967-88

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    The Los Angeles Kings jerseys during the early 1990s are some of my favorite throwback hockey jerseys, but these are really bad.

    Purple and yellow should never be worn by a pro sports team, especially one in Los Angeles, that isn't named the L.A. Lakers.

    The logo of the crown isn't well done either.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks, 2003-06

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    Although these jerseys are more recent, they are so bad I couldn't exclude them from this list. 

    The purple color simply does not go with the Ducks history of jerseys, and the Anaheim logo on the front is bad too.

Kansas City Scouts, 1974-76

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    Yikes! These Kansas City jerseys are hideous.

    The stripes at the bottom are bad, and so is the logo.

Ottawa Senators, 2000-07

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    The Ottawa Senators have had some bad jerseys throughout their history, and these ones are pretty awful.

    The 3D crest does not work, and the mess at the bottom completes the awfulness.

    The sleeves are also hideously designed.

Atlanta Thrashers, 1999-2006

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    Thankfully the Atlanta Thrashers don't exist anymore because they made some terrible jerseys.

    The logo on the front is so bad, and if you didn't follow the Thrashers, what on Earth would you think that logo is of?

Hamilton Tigers, 1920-21

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    I know these were made in the 1920's, but these are just so bad it's hard to begin to critique them.

    The logo is bad, and the colors would more suit a bees or yellow jackets team than a tiger.

    The stripes complete the mess.