2011-12 NHL Season: 15 Notable Milestones You Should Watch for

Michael DeSantis@@dtrain2495Senior Analyst IAugust 18, 2011

2011-12 NHL Season: 15 Notable Milestones You Should Watch for

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    This will be an exciting season in the NHL. There are many different players closing in on great milestones of their career.

    Ranging from Joe Thornton to Sidney Crosby to Evgeni Nabokov, whether it be wins, assists, goals or points, there's no doubt a lot of players will be reaching milestones this season.

    Here are 15 you should keep an eye on.

1. Evgeni Nabokov- 300 Wins (NYI)

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    Nabokov, who will be attending the Islanders training camp this preseason, is searching for his 300th career victory.

    This will be his first season on a team other than the Sharks; he has won all 293 wins of his career with San Jose.

    He'll have to nab those other seven wins with the Islanders, or another team if he gets traded this season.

2. Martin St. Louis: 300 Goals, 500 Assists and 800 Points (TB)

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    Martin St. Louis, who spent nearly his entire career with the Tampa Bay Lightning, is close to three very nice milestones.

    St. Louis will most likely be achieving 300 goals, 500 assists and 800 points this season. The Lightning alternate captain has 298 goals, and 480 assists and 778 points.

    The talented winger should have no problem with any of these, playing with the likes of Steven Stamkos and Vinny Lecavalier.

3. Shane Doan: 300 Goals (PHX)

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    The Coyotes captain will be honing in on 300 career goals this season. Shane Doan has collected 296 career goals so far.

    He may not be spending the season with the Phoenix Coyotes this year, but whether he stays with them or is sent to another team, 300 goals should be no problem for a player of his caliber.

4. Jarome Iginla: 500 Goals (CGY)

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    The long tenured Calgary Flames captain is very close to reaching his 500th career goal.

    Iginla currently sits at 484 goals, and all of them have been scored with the Flames. He only needs 16 to complete the the feat of 500.

    The sniping captain should have no trouble reaching the milestone, but people will have plenty of time to savor the countdown to the amazing plateau of 500 goals.

5. Marc Savard: 500 Assists (BOS)

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    After winning the Cup last year, Marc Savard will be collecting his 500th career assist this season.

    It should be very easy for the Bruin...he only needs one assist. He sits at 499, so collecting No. 500 should be a breeze for him.

6. Brad Richards: 500 Assists (NYR)

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    Talk about another cakewalk. Although, this will be a bit harder than Savard's.

    Brad Richards, just acquired from the Dallas Stars by the New York Rangers, sits at 496 assists. He'll only need four more to reach the 500 assist plateau.

    This shouldn't be a problem at all for the talented player.

7. Jaromir Jagr: 1,600 Points (PHI)

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    Wait, how many points? 1,600? Yes, Jaromir Jagr, one of the greatest players to ever hit the ice, will surely be collecting his 1,600th point this season.

    This is even easier than Richard's and Savard's milestone. Jagr only needs one point to reach the 1,600 points milestone, as he's at 1,599.

    After leaving the NHL a few years back, we were shocked and a little sad to see him leave with just one more point needed.

    Well, now Jagr's back with the Philadelphia Flyers, and all we'll need to wait is a game or two to see Jagr celebrate No. 1,600 in the NHL.

8. Mike Ribeiro: 500 Points (DAL)

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    After having to miss out on seeing Brad Richards collect his 500th career assist, Dallas fans will still get to see Mike Ribeiro collect his 500th career point.

    Ribeiro stands at 497 points, just three shy. He should easily be able to reach the milestone.

9. Dainius Zubris: 500 Points (NJD)

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    Like Ribeiro, Dainius Zubris should be collecting his 500th career point this season.

    Zubris stands at 495, so he's only five away from the milestone. He should be able to reach it within a few games.

10. Joe Thornton: 1000 Games Played and 700 Assists (SJS)

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    After witnessing linemate and friend Patrick Marleau achieve the 1,000 games plateau last season, the Sharks captain and center will be reaching the same plateau this season.

    Joe Thornton sits at 995 games played and 695 assists. The games played will come eventually, and so will the assists for the talented assists specialist.

    Thornton has built a reputation as one of the best passers in the game and soon will be reaching 700 career assists, taking another step towards a great career.

11. Patrick Marleau: 800 Points (SJS)

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    Well, this milestone may take a little longer to reach than most of the others on this slideshow, but it's almost inevitable that Patty Marleau will be reaching 800 points this season.

    Spending his entire career in San Jose, Marleau has racked up 766 points so far in his career, and is still at a relatively young age at 31.

    He needs 34 points, which should not be much of a problem for the speedy Sharks winger.

    Notably, Marleau also has 357 career goals, 43 shy of 400. But that might be a bit of a stretch; however, not too far out of reach.

12. Marian Hossa: 900 Games Played and 400 Goals (CHI)

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    In the early stages of a long tenure with the Chicago Blackhawks, Hossa will be reaching a few notable milestones this season.

    Hossa has played 897 games and has racked up 388 career goals.

    Even if he misses a few games due to injury this season, Hossa should be able to accomplish 900 games and 400 goals in an impressive career thus far.

13. Sidney Crosby: 600 Points (PIT)

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    Assuming Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby actually is able to recover from his concussion and play this year, he'll be able to reach 600 points.

    Crosby stands at 572 points right now, so he needs 28. If he can come back from the concussion that sidelined him for half the season last year, Crosby should easily be able to rack up those 28 points.

    Apparently, he is still feeling the concussion symptoms.

14. Rick Nash: 500 Points (CBJ)

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    The captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets currently has 488 career points, needing only 12 more to complete the 500 points milestone.

    In the prime of his career, the star shouldn't have any trouble at all reaching the 500 points plateau.

15. Miikka Kiprusoff: 300 Wins (CGY)

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    Maybe one of the more exciting milestone chases coming up this season, Miikka Kiprusoff, or "Kipper," will be attempting to reach 300 career victories this season.

    He holds 276 career wins, so he needs 24.

    Most likely, he should be able to grab the 24 wins he needs this season to get to 300, a huge goaltending milestone.