NHL Video: The 13 Best Player and Coach Tantrums in Hockey History

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2011

NHL Video: The 13 Best Player and Coach Tantrums in Hockey History

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    Hockey is a game of emotion. Despite the cool temperatures of a hockey rink, it is easy for the blood to boil over when tempers run high on the ice.

    Some players and coaches take their anger to the next level, putting it on display for the entire world to see. Most are entertaining and some are down right dangerous. But hey, that's hockey for you.

    Here are the 15 best player and coach tantrums in hockey history. Kids, don't try these at home.

You Fat Pig

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    Anytime a team loses a playoff game by five goals, tempers are going to be high on the losing side. Here, the Devils coach had a few entertaining choice words for the official.

Lindy Ruff

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    Lindy Ruff has one of the best (or is that worst) tempers in the NHL today. Ruff gets so heated that he is not afraid to jump into the other bench and have at it with another coach, player, fan or anyone willing to get in his way.

Hothead in the NHL and KHL

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    Known for being a hothead in the NHL, Ray Emery brought his temper with him to the KHL. All the team trainer was asking him to do was put on the team sponsor's hat, but Ray Emery decided that request was so outrageous that fists started flying.

Lindy Ruff Again

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    I wonder if Lindy Ruff knew he was mic'ed in the above video. Whether he was putting on a show for the cameras or truly unable to control his temper, this tantrum is a classic.

The Great One Loses It

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    The above display of frustration is not one of the most outrageous the hockey world has ever seen, but the source of the fit is what earns this a spot on the list. Normally calm, cool and collected, Wayne Gretzky loses it a bit on the refs in this game.

More Lindy...

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    Lindy Ruff has a lot of anger dating back to his playing days in the league. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the Sabres coach earned a hat trick of appearances on this list.

The Last Straw

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    Playing the goaltender position can be a frustrating experience. When that frustration reaches a breaking point, equipment gets broken and a lot of energy is wasted.

More Goalie Tantrums

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    Goalies tend to have the best freakouts. Perhaps it's because of the nature of the position, or that the entire stadium has eyes on them. Either way, this minor league goaltender got his money's worth during his ejection.

And Another

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    This goalie gets style points for creativity. Instead of completely losing his cool, this netminder went and cleaned the glass in front of the goal judge in order to improve his vision for the next call.

Tantrum Fail

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    Curtis Joseph is not very good at flipping out. CuJo does his best to show his displeasure with the call on the ice but ends up taking a spill and bringing the ref down in the process. 

Milbury Gets Mad

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    Never poke a sleeping bear.

    In an altercation after a game between the Rangers and Bruins, a fan got a hold of a stick and started swinging it at some Bruins players. That led to the entire Bruins team climbing into the stands to teach that fan—and the rest of them—a lesson.

    The incident culminated in Mike Milbury beating a man with his own shoe.

Coach Loses His Cool

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    Baseball usually gets all of the fantastic coach freakouts, but this minor league hockey coach wanted his piece of the tantrum pie. Upset with a call on the ice, he litters the ice with his team's spare sticks and continues to lose it on the ref.

Tuukka Time

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    It's crazy to think that the Tuukka Rask we all know as a laid-back and calm presence in the Boston net is capable of such anger. Even more surprising is how Tuukka chose to display his frustration with the officials.