Top 10 Goals of Patrick Marleau's Career

Michael DeSantis@@dtrain2495Senior Analyst IAugust 16, 2011

Top 10 Goals of Patrick Marleau's Career

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    So far, in his career, Patrick Marleau has accumulated 357 goals, but he still has plenty of years left in the tank (No pun intended on the "Shark Tank," the nickname of HP Pavilion, the Sharks' home stadium).

    Marleau leads the Sharks in goals, points, shots, power-play goals and even strength goals all time.

    Marleau is a dynamic player who's spent his entire 13-year career with the Sharks, and still has many more years in his career ahead. He has a brilliant shot, world class speed and soft hands. These talents help him score many highlight-reel goals, and many of his career goals are eye pleasing.

    I thought I'd break down what I think are the best goals of Patty's career, based on how highlight reel it is, or how clutch it is.

    There will be a lot of breakaway goals, a specialty of Marleau, and a lot of snipes as well.

10. 1000th Career Game Goal vs. Phoenix

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    This was the goal Patty scored in his 1000th career game. I put this on here since it was a special goal for him, not to mention, a very well placed shot.

    I don't know how he got that one past Illya Bryzgalov.

9. Overtime Winner vs. Detroit in 2010 Playoffs

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    Well, this isn't exactly a highlight-reel goal, since it was a nice easy tap in, this is still a very clutch goal by Marleau.

    This will probably be one of the more memorable goals in Sharks' history, as it defines the teamwork between Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau.

    Now we'll start getting into some snipes, I promise...

8. Rocket Goal vs. Vancouver

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    I apologize for the quality on this one, but the shot Marleau took is amazing.

    Pure snipe right past Roberto Luongo, clearly demonstrating how hard of a shot Marleau has. But you'll get to see an even harder shot next slide...

7. Snipe vs. Chicago in 2010 Playoffs

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    Marleau fired an absolute snipe off a Joe Thornton pass to get the Sharks in the game against Antti Niemi and the Blackhawks.

    Like the last one, the goal shows just how good a shot Marleau has, one of the best in the league.

    This also shows how great Marleau's accuracy is, firing it over Niemi's shoulder for a roof shot.

6. Game Winner vs. Dallas with 30 Seconds Left

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    Well, some of you may ask why this is so good of a goal, if Turco gave away the puck to Marleau.

    But if you look at the replay, you'll see how after the giveaway, Marleau had to use his excellent hands to knock the puck into the net to eventually win the game for the Sharks.

5. Breakaway vs. Vancouver

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    A few seasons ago, Marleau scored a nice breakaway goal against the Canucks.

    He was able to poke check it away from Alex Edler, move in on Luongo, deke to fake him out and slide it in. This goal shows off Marleau's speed and hands.

4. Breakaway vs. Detroit in 2009 Season

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    A lot of you may remember this game.

    Marleau received a pass from Ryane Clowe, and was somehow able to stay onside. Replays confirmed Marleau stayed onside, just barely.

    Being able to stay onside on that play was great enough, and Marleau finished it with a nifty goal that would prove to be the game winner in a 6-5 Sharks victory over the Red Wings.

3. Shorthanded Breakaway vs. Phoenix

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    Breakaways don't get much prettier than this. Shorthanded, Joe Pavelski and Marleau teamed up to knock the puck off Keith Yandle's stick, then Marleau went off to the races.

    Kyle Turris tried to poke check the puck away from Patty, but Marleau was able to cleanly knock the stick out of his hands, blaze on by him and snap a beautiful shot over Bryzgalov.

    Marleau once again showcased his trademark speed, and knocking the stick out of Turris' hands made this goal really special.

2. "Giveth Away and Taketh Away" Goal vs. St. Louis

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    Yet another breakaway by Patrick Marleau, but after Chris Mason tried poking the puck away from Marleau, Patty recovered and backhanded it past Mason for a definite highlight-reel goal.

    But that's not the No. 1 goal just yet...

1. Marleau Bats Puck out of Mid Air vs. Minnesota

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    This is perhaps my favorite goal by Marleau.

    It's not a breakaway, or even a snipe. Marleau uses his hand-eye coordination to knock the puck out of mid-air into the net behind the poor Wild goaltender, who never had a chance.

    Well, that concludes what I think are the Top 10 goals of Patty Marleau's career. Comments on what you think are his best goals, ranging from what you think are the best, to ones I may have forgotten are appreciated. I hope you enjoyed!