Philadelphia Flyers: 6 Most Unexpected Trades in Flyers' History

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IIAugust 10, 2011

Philadelphia Flyers: 6 Most Unexpected Trades in Flyers' History

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    If it wasn't for the big acquisitions that the teams across the parking lot made, Philadelphians would still be talking about the shocking trade that sent Flyers captain Mike Richards packing.

    The dust has settled now and the Phillies and Eagles have taken the load off of the Flyers' surprising moves this summer.

    Looking back on the trade now, it seems as if the Flyers might have made out quite well. Also, their future is brighter than ever with the prospects they got in return.

    But where does this trade rank among the most shocking in franchise history? Read more to find out!


The Flyers Traded Away Patrick Sharp

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    This trade wasn't shocking at the time, but now that Patrick Sharp was one of the leaders of the Stanley cup Winning Blackhawks a year ago, you have to wonder.

    And who did the Flyers get for Sharp? Matt Ellison and a third round pick.


Brian Boucher Losing His Job, and His Spot on the Team

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    Brian Boucher went from the Flyers goalie of the future to losing his starting job in less than two years.

    The Flyers thought they had their No. 1 goalie after Boucher led the team to the Eastern Conference Finals as a rookie in 2000.

    Obviously, he played himself out of the plans of Bobby Clarke and the Flyers. The young net minder was shipped off for another goalie, Robert Esche.

Trading Away Simon Gagne For......

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    Simon Gagne was once the face of the Flyers franchise. He always led the team in goal scoring and came back from an injury in the 2010 playoffs to score the game-winning goal that sparked the Flyers comeback out of their 3-0 hole to the Bruins.

    Now I know why the Flyers got rid of him. It was to clear cap space in order to sign their veteran players to long term contracts.

    What is surprising is what Paul Holmgren got (or didn't get) in return for Gagne. Matt Walker and a fourth round pick?

    Walker played in a measly four games this season.


Eric Lindors Finally Traded Away

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    The build-up to the Eric Lindros trade was nothing shocking. Flyers fans knew that the team was looking to trade him after suffering multiple concussions.

    The shocking part was the aftermath. On August 20, 2001, the Flyers sent their once prized jewel up the turnpike to one of their most hated rivals.

    Lindros was deemed the next Bobby Clarke, the guy that would bring a Stanley Cup back to Philly. After eight years of drama and heartache, the Flyers future was suddenly turned upside down.

Iron Man Rod Brind'Amour Becomes a Cane and a Cup Winner

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    There are still plenty of fans mad about the trading of Rod Brind'Amour. Just check out this Facebook site.

    It was a captain for captain swap when the Flyers received Keith Primeau in return.

    But why in the first place trade one of the most loved athletes in the city of Philadelphia? It showed how much people still cared about Brind'Amour when hundreds of Flyers fans attended his retirement game in Carolina.

The Original Lindros Trade

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    Without doubt, one of the most shocking trades in Flyers, and NHL history.

    On June 20, 1992, the Flyers mortgaged their future and a lot of dough to get their hands on young Eric Lindros.

    The Flyers gave up Mike Ricci, Peter Forsberg, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, a 1993 1st Rounder, a 1994 1st Rounder and $15 million.

    If Lindros could have remained healthy, who knows how this trade would have worked out.