NHL Goal Horns and Songs: Ranking Every Team's Goal Celebration

Jason Sapunka@moreSapunkaCorrespondent IIAugust 10, 2011

NHL Goal Horns and Songs: Ranking Every Team's Goal Celebration

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    For hockey fans, the excitement of celebrating the moment when their favorite team scores is difficult to match.

    With the puck over the line and the red light flashing, an instant of elation blossoms for the fan. If the game is in that team's home arena, the euphoria is accompanied by a horn and song.

    Some teams have put little effort into finding an appropriate audio track for the hockey team's moment of success. Others have developed fitting anthems to back the euphoria that comes when the red light flashes.

No. 30: Colorado Avalanche

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    The countdown begins with a terrible horn accompanied by the most overused goal anthem in the sport's history.

No. 29: Phoenix Coyotes

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    Not many fans cheer Phoenix goals, but this song seems more like a feigned attempt at being excited than a tune worth celebrating with.

No. 28: Edmonton Oilers

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    The horn's high pitch is irritating, and the song seems more angry than happy.

No. 27: Florida Panthers

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    "Kernkraft 400" is overused, and the song-long screaming is irritating.

No. 26: Los Angeles Kings

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    Goal horn is slightly unique, the Randy Newman song bit is a great addition, but like the Oilers, the ending seems more angry than happy.

No. 25: Nashville Predators

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    The unique beginning is admirable, but it's ruined by the Gary Glitter ending.

No. 24: Winnipeg Jets

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    This assumes Winnipeg uses the same celebration as the arena's previous inhabitants.

    For the sake of their fans, one would hope a different song is used.

No. 23: New Jersey Devils

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    A good horn ruined by "Rock and Roll Part 2."

No. 22: Dallas Stars

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    Getting sick of this song yet?

No. 21: Carolina Hurricanes

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    The horn sounds great, but the chaotic audio that follows seems more confusing than celebratory.

No. 20: Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Pittsburgh had been using "Rock and Roll Part 2" up until this season before switching to the cross-state rivals' former goal song.

    The Flyers used this tune in the pre-lockout days.

No. 19: Montreal Canadiens

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    Do Montreal fans actually like this horn? It seems to cause a headache.

    Or maybe it's the U2 song doing that.

No. 18: Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Toronto had been using the standard version of "Zombie Nation" along with their horn prior to adopting this unique improvement.

No. 17: Ottawa Senators

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    The Senators use the same song as Montreal, but it's much easier to deal with when accompanied by a non-annoying goal horn.

No. 16: St. Louis Blues

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    The dedication to tradition with the organ has to be recognized.

No. 15: Buffalo Sabres

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    The use of "Song 2" is negligible and Limp Bizkit is questionable, but the horn and siren are terrific.

No. 14: San Jose Sharks

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    San Jose found a way to use "Rock and Roll Part 2" and make it work.

No. 13: Columbus Blue Jackets

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    Hearing the cannons with "For Those About to Rock" is sure to make anyone excited.

No. 12: Calgary Flames

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    A terrific goal horn and a unique song, "Shot Down in Flames."

No. 11: Anaheim Ducks

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    The unique Ducks horn is paired with an equally unique "Bro Hymn," an excellent goal anthem.

No 10: Tampa Bay Lightning

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    Tampa Bay adopted a unique new goal song this past season titled "Fluxland XL."

No. 9: New York Islanders

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    After using the generic "Rock and Roll Part 2," the Islanders changed the goal song to "Live is Life" by Opus.

    It's an excellent improvement.

No. 8: Minnesota Wild

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    If Joe Satriani's "Crowd Chant" can't pump someone up, that person has an emotional problem.

No. 7: Vancouver Canucks

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    Say what you will about Green Day and the use of mainstream rock, but when the horn and siren are paired with this part of "Holiday," it makes for a great background to celebrating a goal.

No. 6: Philadelphia Flyers

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    After a few years of using Anaheim's "Bro Hymn," Philadelphia adopted the goal song of a local soccer team (Philadelphia Union).

    Paired with one of hockey's best goal horns, the song makes for an excellent celebration.

No. 5: Chicago Blackhawks

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    "Chelsea Dagger" will annoy anyone who has had to watch their team play in the playoffs against Chicago, but it is an excellent goal song.

No. 4: Boston Bruins

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    This horn shakes the Garden.

    It's difficult not to be pumped with this song blasting after a Bruins goal, despite the tune becoming unoriginal.

No. 3: New York Rangers

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    The horn is irresistible, and the ensuing chant is difficult to compete with.

No. 2: Washington Capitals

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    The horn, the siren, the song, the siren again–nothing about the Caps' celebration is unique, but it works perfectly for a goal anthem.

No. 1: Detroit Red Wings

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    Detroit could choose a better song, but the goal horn is absolutely perfect.