Boston Bruins: Will Marc Savard Get His Name Engraved on the Stanley Cup?

Nicholas GossCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2011

BOSTON, MA - DECEMBER 02:  Marc Savard #91 of the Boston Bruins takes the puck in the first period against the Tampa Bay Lightning on December 2, 2010 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

For a player to get his name forever engraved on Lord Stanley's Cup, he needs to play in 41 regular season games,or appear in just one Stanley Cup Final game.

Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard has filled none of those requirements. However, teams can request for special reasons that a player be exempt from this league rule.

Savard missed much of the past two seasons and playoffs due to a concussion suffered in March of 2010 and its lingering symptoms.

He missed the first 23 games of last season before returning, ultimately to have his season cut short again when concussion symptoms came back.

Savard played a total of 25 games last season for the Bruins, all in the regular season.

In a Yahoo Sports Puck Daddy article written by Greg Wyshynski Thursday,  Bruins director of communications Matt Chmura said the following about Savard's name being on the Cup.

"No decisions have been made yet. [GM] Peter Chiarelli has stated publicly that he will petition for Marc to be on the Cup, but I have not heard definitively one way or the other on an answer."

Savard is expected to receive the Cup for one day like all the Bruins will during this summer of celebration, and it is highly likely Savard will take the Cup to his Canadian home of Peterborough.

While nothing has been officially announced, and no final decision on Savard's name being on the Cup has been made, it's almost certain he will be allowed to have his name engraved on the trophy.

Savard has been a key part of the Bruins turnaround from an average team to a playoff contender, but unfortunately he could not help the team during its championship run.

The NHL has made exceptions to the Cup engraving rule before, and there is no reason not to allow Savard to have his name be forever etched alongside the legends of hockey.

Marc Savard may retire in the recent future because of his lingering concussion symptoms, but for this summer, he deserves his day with the Stanley Cup just as much as any other Bruins player, and his name engraved on it.

Nicholas Goss is a Boston Bruins featured columnist for Bleacher Report, and was the organization's on-site reporter for the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals in Boston. Follow him on Twitter for Bruins news and analysis.