NHL Trade Rumors: 5 Players That Could Be Traded by Training Camp

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IIJuly 12, 2011

NHL Trade Rumors: 5 Players That Could Be Traded by Training Camp

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    With the disappointment in quality players that this year's free agency class provided, many teams have been looking to go another way to boost their team.

    Trades and tweaks allow losing teams to gain winning attitudes and give them that needed boost to reach the next level.

    Blockbuster trades turn mid-level teams into Cup contenders.  The five players that I am about to list fit this category and each have their own price for business.

    Here are the five players that could be traded to turn a team into a contender. 

Ales Hemsky

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    An article I recently read pointed out that Ales Hemsky's name comes up often in association with trade rumors.

    The Oilers management team have said they are not shopping Hemsky.  They are, however, taking calls and listening to offers for the 27-year-old.

    Hemsky is in the final year of his $4.1 million contract.  Why shouldn't the Oilers trade him?  He is worth a good look but his shoulder problems will be a factor in any team's decision to take him on.

    The Oilers are in the trading mood as they sent away Andrew Cogliano to Anaheim for a second round pick in 2013.  Could this be the start of things to come?

    A youth movement is here for the Oilers and if they want to make the playoffs in this lifetime, it may be wise to ship off Hemsky, their first round selection in the 2001 draft.

    You never know, the Oilers could get enough back to make a run in 2011-12.

Jordan Staal

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    Yes, I said it.  With all the depth that the Penguins have, can they afford to lose Jordan Staal?

    I personally have not found a rumor surrounding the Pens forward so this is more speculation than a rumor.

    Think about it.  Staal earns $4 million a season on a Penguins team that, if fully healthy, is their third line center.

    When looking at his brothers, Eric and Marc, they are at the top of the heap on their respective squads. Eric is the captain of the Hurricanes and Marc is a top-4 defenseman on the Rangers.  Jared will be playing in the NHL in due time.

    That's not to say that Jordan is better than them, but realistically Jordan will want a raise when his contract is done in 2012-13.

    This is the same year that Sidney Crosby's contract finishes up.  When it comes down to it, Jordan can be a top-6 forward on any other team and can get top dollar as well.

    They say the best deals are the ones for elite players that are kept on the down-low until the deal is made.

Alex Semin

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    Alexander Semin is in his contract year where he is set to earn $6.7 million.

    Semin has proven that he can put the puck in the back of the net and is a former 40-goal scorer.  Last season, he came away with 28 goals and 54 points.  That was his lowest goal and point season since the 2007-08 campaign, where he had 26 goals and 42 points.

    Washington is looking for that push to get them into the Cup Finals, a destination expected of them since the arrival of Alex Ovechkin.

    The Caps are on the cusp of the salary cap and if they want to make a big move to free up salary and provide depth, moving Semin's contract may be their best option.

    Tons of teams are looking to fill salary so they can reach the cap floor.  Semin will not only provide that cash value on the books, but also a legitimate scoring threat.

Zach Parise

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    Parise will have to wait for an arbitrator to hand him his cash value but don't believe he will be a Devil past the 2011-12 season.

    Sure, he may stay in a Devils uniform but when it comes down to it, Parise is a top-dollar player.  The Devils already have Kovalchuk, Elias and Rolston earning more than $6 million this season.  If the arbitrator gives Parise that kind of money, he could be on his way out sooner than you think.

    There are plenty of teams that are looking for the threat of a 40 goal scorer and Parise fits the bill.  The Devils will be looking to bounce back from the disastrous year they had, in which they missed the playoffs for the first time since the 1995-96 season.

    Trading Parise would leave Devils fans in a state of shock, but if they get the right price back they could be one step closer to celebrating a fourth Stanley Cup.

    Another plus is that if the Devils get a first round pick out of the deal, they can choose to forfeit it as part of the penalty for the Ilya Kovalchuk contract debacle last year.  Due to that incident they must forfeit at least one first round selection between now and the 2014 draft.

Steven Stamkos

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    After the fallout of the Brad Richards signing, everyone has turned their heads towards the Tampa Bay Lightning and Steven Stamkos.

    A former 50 goal scorer, Stamkos deserves the kind of money that is given to the best in the NHL.

    In the video above (at about the 3:40 point), I chose Stamkos as the best player in the NHL at the time.  The show was aired on November 24, 2010, when Stamkos and Crosby were lighting up score sheets across the league.

    Any team in the league would love to get Stamkos via a trade to help guarantee their future success.  The only problem is that the Lightning believe they can have Stamkos for a long time and still keep Lecavalier and St. Louis under contract as well.

    This is possible since the Lightning have over $14 million in cap space remaining.  However, with all the teams that want the top-line center, the threat of a short term offer sheet is looming.

    A trade is the likely route here as there is no way that any team would take on the contract of Vinny Lecavalier.

    The Lightning are coming off a great season, coming within a game of the Stanley Cup Final.  A trade for one of the best players in the NHL could bring back a plethora of talent and get the Lightning into the Final.

    A shut-down defenseman and a goalie for the future is not out of the question, but we shall see what happens between now and October.

    As always, leave your comments in the comments section and be respectful hockey fans.  Let the world know what you think about what this off-season will do for your club.