NHL Trade Scenarios: 12 Forwards That May Be Dealt This Summer

Melissa Bauer-Herzog@mbauerherzogCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2011

NHL Trade Scenarios: 12 Forwards That May Be Dealt This Summer

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    While the action on the ice has ceased for a few months, action in the main office of many teams is heating up as signings and trades are happening nearly every day. While potential trades often stay close to the hands of those that are dealing them, it is always fun to speculate who will be suiting up in a new jersey next year.

    So without further ado, here are 12 forwards that may be sent to other teams this summer. While some probably have next to no chance of being traded, others seem to be already out the door to the first team that comes calling.

No. 12: Michael Frolik

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    While the Blackhawks have only had Michael Frolik for 28 regular season games, the signing of multiple "big names" during the offseason may see him sent to yet another team.

    Frolik had 38 points last season, although only nine of them came from his time with the Blackhawks. He's a restricted free agent this year, and it wouldn't be that big of a surprise to see him suit up for someone else next season with the Blackhawks' new additions overshadowing him.

No. 11: Brad Boyes

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    Brad Boyes is another Sabre that may see himself in another uniform next year, according to The Fourth Period via the Buffalo News.

    The biggest hit against Boyes is his salary in a time where the Sabres are toying with the cap ceiling. The Sabres are believed to be looking for a two-way center, and a Boyes trade could help them obtain that.

No. 10: Brian Rolston

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    The New Jersey Devils got themselves in trouble last year and this offseason, it looks like they may look to offload some big contracts.

    While there has been no indication that Brian Rolston will be traded during the offseason, it would help the Devils checkbook a bit and make it so he's a "no worry" item next year when his contract expires.

    Rolston could be a good trade for the Devils to shop around this offseason to see what they could get for him and possibly even get rid of if the right deal comes along.

No. 9: Jochen Hecht

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    Jochen Hecht isn't a huge name compared to some others on the list but at one time he was a pretty good player. However, the last few seasons he hasn't been a big points getter for the Sabres compared to his past with two under 30 points seasons in the last three years (after having only one under 30 point season in the previous eight seasons).

    Hecht's contract expires next year but the Sabres may be smart to shop him around and possibly find a deal that they can't refuse if another team feels they can use him as a nice center.

    In addition, Hecht is a nice little hit on the Sabres' salary cap and clearing him off their roster opens up a little more wiggle room.

No. 8: Ales Hemsky

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    Ales Hemsky is on a team that seems to be favoring youth over experience these days and may see himself on the outside looking in soon. Hemsky, who earned 42 points in only 47 games this year for the Oilers, may be finding himself in Columbus before the offseason is over, according to gather.com.

    While Hemsky is a good player when he is healthy, the 27-year-old has only played 69 games over the last two seasons. Between the injuries and the youth movement, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise to see him leaving Edmonton in the near future.

No. 7: Marian Gaborik

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    Marian Gaborik has been a nice player for the New York Rangers the past two seasons (although, his goal count dropped down by 20 last season) and was a good player for the Wild before them.

    But the Rangers may be on the look out for more new players and Gaborik would be a nice player to use for bait and possibly even a trade if the right deal comes along.

    If the Rangers find the right player, it wouldn't be a major shock to see Gaborik leave the team but I expect that he'll be on the bench come the Rangers first game.

No. 6: Tuomo Ruutu

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    While Tuomo Ruutu showed himself as team player this year with 38 assists for 57 points, he could theoretically be on the cutting block this summer.

    Ruutu would be a nice catch for a team that has other assets they are willing to trade for a youngish center but it would be a surprise to hear that the Hurricanes are shopping him around this offseason.

    However, with Ruutu's contract expiring next year, it could be a smart move for the Hurricanes to try and get something for him this season instead of potentially losing him with nothing to show for it next year.

No. 5: Scott Gomez

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    According to TheFourthPeriod (via Montreal's La Presse), Scott Gomez may be on the chopping block in order for Montreal to get the defenseman they want.

    Gomez's contract with the Habs may be a curse and a blessing, as it is one reason they want to get rid of him, but his high pay rate also has other teams wary of grabbing him.

    The American player had 59 points during his first season with the Canadiens in 2009-2010 but went down to 38 last season with only seven goals. This will definitely be a trade to watch.

No. 4: Patrick Sharp

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    Admittedly, this may be the biggest long shot on this slideshow, but Patrick Sharp's contract expires next year and the Blackhawks are rumored to be making some moves in response to their disappointing playoffs (granted, Marian Hossa seems to be at the core of these rumors).

    Do I think it will happen? No. But it is definitely an intriguing thought and one multiple teams would be jumping on if Sharp was shopped around in the hopes of rebounding from their disappointing playoff elimination a year after winning the Cup.

No. 3: Marian Hossa

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    While Marian Hossa was on the path to a good year at the beginning of last season, he had a setback because of injuries, and that may be one of his downfalls when it comes to the Blackhawks deciding to trade him.

    The Blackhawks are looking to rebound after a disappointing playoffs and Hossa may be a causality of the team's playoff performance.

    Hockey-trades.com reports that Hossa is being offered to a few teams in the hope that the Blackhawks can get a nice trade out of the deal.

No. 2: Zach Parise

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    While it is believed Zach Parise will still be in a Devils uniform next season after arbitration, if the Devils want to stay out of the mess they were in last season with the salary cap, they may have to send him away.

    There's really no rumor saying "Hey, Parise is definitely leaving the Devils" and I don't think it will happen, but it's definitely a possibility depending on what goes on at his arbitration hearing.

No. 1: Alexander Semin

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    While Alexander Semin doesn't go on the free agent list until next year, a rumor posted by Jamie Fitzpatrick on about.com (among others) has said the Russian may be traded to either the New York Rangers or the Detroit Red Wings.

    Semin had 28 goals and 26 assists for 54 points last season and has been with the Capitals since being picked 13th overall by the team in the 2002 draft.

    It should be noted that along with a trade rumor, Mike Green has also been thrown into the mix when talking about a Semin deal.