NHL Power Rankings: The Worst Coach in Each Franchise's History

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NHL Power Rankings: The Worst Coach in Each Franchise's History
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In the world of NHL head coaches, almost every team has their claim to fame. Almost every fan can look back over their 40 years of fanship and laughingly remember that humiliated, red-faced coach from the '70s, '80s, '90s or whenever the team was at its worst and chuckle over how simply horrendous he was.

Of course, their 10-150 record, or whatever number it happened to be, might not have been completely their fault. Perhaps the GM was pretty bad, too, or the coach was unlucky enough to be taking on a fresh, new expansion franchise—the most doomed teams in all of sports. Maybe they had to play in a rough environment, where every loss was rubbed in or in an arena where empty seats outnumbered people.

But, no matter the other factors, there's no doubting that particular coach was completely at fault, at least in the minds of his team's "supporters."

So, we've decided to take it a step further. Let's all stop comparing each franchise's worst coach in history to that franchise's other coaches; instead, how about comparing them to other franchise's worst coaches!

After scouring the 30 existing NHL franchises for the behind-the-bench bosses with the highest loss totals imaginable (our only condition: They coached the team for at least one full season), we've created the most horrific power rankings in history, breaking down the most horrific coaches in history.

We'll start with the best of the worst and work our way down (based on winning percentage) to make it even better, since every new coach mentioned will be worse than all the others up to that point.

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