Shanahan Up For Grabs, Korpikoski Sent To Hartford

Ryan McFaddenCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2017

One of the last prominent free agents in the NHL is available for hire, as the New York Post reports that veteran winger Brendan Shanahan has informed his agent to explore playing options other than the New York Rangers.

“I’ve told (agent) Rick (Curran) that I can no longer wait and that it’s time to move on,” Shanahan, told The Post.

“Until now, Rick has been under instructions to tell inquiring teams that my focus was on re-signing with the Rangers, and that I was not accepting any other offers. That has changed.”

Its not suprising that Shanahan has finally said hes exploring other options but with the Rangers waiving Patrick Rissmiller last week and sending Lauri Korpikoski and his $1.1M cap hit to Hartford, maybe they’re clearing the cap space needed for Shanahan? A 600 goal scorer on the third line couldnt hurt on any team. It can give Brandon Dubinsky a proven goal scorer to play alongside.