2011 NHL Draft: The Ultimate NHL Draft Party Drinking Game Top 10 List

Frank Trovato@@voiceislanderfnCorrespondent IJune 21, 2011

2011 NHL Draft: The Ultimate NHL Draft Party Drinking Game Top 10 List

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    There are endless mock drafts and endless amounts of people who will tell you what order the top 30 players will be selected. 

    This is not that column. 

    If drinking games are your thing, then this is your type of column. 

    If you have no idea what a drinking game is, then think of it this way.

    A popular event or speech is happening.

    Based on what is said or happened in said event you take a drink of beer. By the end of the event, if your the last one standing you are the winner!

    That is until the hangover or alcohol poisoning sets in.

    Lets get to the top 10-plus points to drink on in the coming NHL draft,

    We start is off with an honorable mention:  

Honorable Mention: "Thank Our Fans Back at Our Annual Draft Party"

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    Everyone Loves a Party
    Everyone Loves a PartyMike Stobe/Getty Images

    We will get our drinking game started off with a bonus.

    If and when a general manager, executive or owner says something about the fans back home at the annual draft party, lets get started with a swig of our favorite brew. 

    Follow this guide and it will be the most fun you have had watching the draft. 

10. Draft Pick Bends or Straightens the Bill of the Team Cap

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    Look at the Hook in the Bill of that Cap
    Look at the Hook in the Bill of that CapJeff Gross/Getty Images

    Most times the newly minted NHL player is so excited he just places the cap on his head and poses for the camera.

    Other times he nervously works the bill of the cap to get that right look for the cameras.

    Dude, you just realized your lifelong dream and are a part of an NHL franchise. Is it really that important?  

    When that happens, you take a swig. 

9. Mentions of "Mad Mike" Milbury and Bad Trades He Has Made

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    Milbury has been the target of so much bashing for the trades that he made during his run as general manager of the Islanders it has become a ritual to bash him at the draft whether he is a part of the broadcast or not.

    His deals of trading Roberto Luongo, Bryan McCabe and Todd Bertuzzi for what amounted to peanuts in addition to passing on guys like Dany Heatley and Marian Gaborik to draft Rick DiPietro still are echoing around the draft commentators table today.

    I wonder if Milbury will tell us all he knew Luongo would turn out to be the goat of the Stanley Cup Finals one day.

    Milbury gets poked at, you take a sip. 

8. No Name? Its Drink Time

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    Thank God for Velcro right?
    Thank God for Velcro right?

    Sometimes things don't go as planned.

    I have always wondered what it's like with the name plates that are hastily velcroed on to the uniforms of the selecting team.

    It has to be done so no one can see the name on the jersey, so there is that suspenseful moment when no one knows what will happen. 

    Sometimes teams take a player they had no intention of taking and it shows by the jersey they are given is one without a name at all. 

    Are teams ordered to have all name plates of all possible first round selections? Are teams just hopeful who they will draft? 

    I wonder how that works. 

    Anyways, when you see a player with no name on his jersey up on stage, you take a drink. 

7. Pierre McGuire Does Not Approve

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    Maybe he does not like Landeskog....
    Maybe he does not like Landeskog....

    Pierre McGuire knows his hockey there is no doubt of that.

    Sometimes he is extremely critical of a pick and lets us the audience know why the guy picked has no snowball's chance in hell of working out like the general manager who just picked him thinks he will. 

    He can be preachy and melodramatic and when he is, it's time for a drink.

    A lot of the time he can be right, like when he went ballistic on Mike Milbury for selecting a guy named Robert Nilsson over a guy named Zack Parise.

    Poor Milbury will never live that one down and McGuire will be front and center letting him know it.  

6. Booing Gary Bettman: Its Just a Matter of How Many Times.

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    He loves to be booed. Cant you tell?
    He loves to be booed. Cant you tell?Brian Bahr/Getty Images

    This one is almost to easy. You know its going to happen, I know its going to happen, Gary Bettman knows its gonna happen. 

    He will be booed and booed soundly. It's just a matter of how many times he will directly result in you taking a drink of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

    Be careful if you abuse this one there is no way anyone will be conscious by the time the first round has concluded. 

5. NHL General Manager on Phone Prior to Pick

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    Will You Please take Chris Drury, Cmon I got Montreal to take Gomez, do me a favor.
    Will You Please take Chris Drury, Cmon I got Montreal to take Gomez, do me a favor.

    Its the NHL draft coverage's equivalent of waiting for the fireworks.

    Will he make a trade? Won't he? Is he just biding time? 

    Whomever is directing the TV broadcast of the NHL draft will most assuredly have the camera trained right on any NHL executive who answers a phone call or is typing a text message or e mail on his Blackberry. 

    Maybe for this one you can have a drink for being on the phone, and a double for him e-mailing on his blackberry WHILE on the phone.

    Either way, it should be a fun night. Make sure you invite over all of your hockey-loving friends. 

4. St. Paul Minnesota, Thank You

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    Thank You St. Paul
    Thank You St. Paul

    General Managers going to make their first-round draft selections love to thank the host city and the job they have done and for their remarkable hospitality. 

    Oh and lets not forget thanking the host team for sharing their arena with the NHL and hosting the draft. 

    It's one big love-fest of thank yous and hospitality. 

    I guess it's a good thing the draft is not held in Vancouver this year.

    When a GM thanks the great City of St. Paul and the Minnesota Wild, guess what it's time for?

    If they throw in a comment about "the great people of St. Paul" make it a double.  

3. Crying Parents Equals You Getting Plastered

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    Proud Family cant hold it together.
    Proud Family cant hold it together.

    There is always that over-emotional family member that can't hold it together. The brother who wishes it was him, the father who got something stuck in his eye, or the mom who weeps uncontrollably at all of those 4 a.m. alarms going off for the 100-mile drives to the morning hockey game finally paying off. 

    This is one i cannot make fun of because it's the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and supportive parents. 

    That being said, that does not mean you don't take a drink when someone cries. 

2. Congratulations That You Really Do Not Mean, Equals More Drinking

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    Thank You Brian Burke
    Thank You Brian BurkeBruce Bennett/Getty Images

    I always love watching NHL general managers of competing teams, especially the rivals of that team getting up at the draft and congratulating the Stanley Cup Champions.

    Maybe the Bruins should send Brian Burke a Stanley Cup Ring for his efforts helping the Bruins along. 

    Either way it's something no NHL owner or executive wants to do, but a lot of them will. 

    Make it a double if they congratulate the Canucks and Bruins on an exciting Stanley Cup Final.

    It should be funny watching the Stanley Cup Champions walk up at ninth overall while the camera is stuck on Brian Burke's face. When that happens, make it a triple especially if you are a Maple Leafs fan.  

1. "We Have a Trade to Announce"

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    Everyone loves a trade. 

    Everyone loves a trade at the NHL draft

    Everyone loves when Gary Bettman says "We have a trade to announce."

    The crowd always cheers and now we can all say "cheers" when the beleaguered commissioner steps to the podium. It's the only way Bettman will ever be cheered and he knows it, which is why he relishes announcing the trades. 

    I hope everyone enjoys the draft and if you happen to follow this game, please do so responsibly. 

    God Bless Hockey!