Rick DiPietro Out As Islanders Fall to the Rival Rangers

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

Hello, I'm the Angry New York Sports fan, and I rant about the latest news in NY sports so that you don't have to.

Today I'm going to write my first NHL article. As you have probably guessed, I am a fan of the New York Islanders, who have gotten off to a very slow start so far in 2008.

Going into the season, I knew that I shouldn't expect them to win the Cup this year, but I was hoping they would compete for a playoff spot (not that hard to do in the NHL) and maybe get past the first round. Instead, I'm looking at a team that's probably going to finish dead last in the league.

The thing that frustrates me most is Rick DiPietro, who suffered another hip/leg injury (unrelated to the one he was previously dealing with). Don't get me wrong, he is my favorite player on the team, but he can't get himself on the ice! We sign him to life-long contract and he's becoming injury-plagued in the early years instead of seven or eight years from now!

Backup goalie Joey MacDonald seems talented, but the Isles wont win unless they have DiPietro behind net.

I also miss Miro Satan...How's he doing on the Penguins?

So the Rangers defeated the Islanders tonight by a score of 4-2. The Islanders played well and were competitive, but ran out of gas in the third period (as soon as I was able to conveniently watch the game without any distractions).

They are a young team that is showing improvements, but they commit a ton of boneheaded plays. I was constantly saying to myself, "WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?" They showed coach Gordon on the sideline looking like he was ready to slap his hand against his forehead in disgust. I wouldn't have blamed him if he did.

I remember in the previous game against the Carolina Hurricanes (another tough loss) an Islander who just came in and scored a goal (it may have been Meyer) gets the puck a couple minutes later in his own zone and passes it to a defenseman without turning his head. The puck was intercepted by a Hurricane player, who popped in a gimmick goal.  

You got us this time, Rangers, but we will be much better the next time we face off!

I will begin posting podcasts soon! Stay tuned for more NHL articles.