Roger Federer: Congratulations from a Novak Djokovic Fan

Khalid SiddiquiCorrespondent IIJune 4, 2011

Yes, you turned back the clock on Friday once again
Yes, you turned back the clock on Friday once againMatthew Stockman/Getty Images

Dear Roger,

I write to you today to congratulate you on a well-earned, well-deserved victory against the odds in the French Open semi-final against my favorite player Novak Djokovic. I would like you to know that even though you ended "the streak" and took away probably Nole’s best chance of lifting La Coupe des Mousquetaires, I am whole-heartedly satisfied with the result of the match.

The way you approached the match, and won key points at key moments in the match, showed that you had retained your ruthless streak; that you truly were once again (in the words of a fellow Bleacher Creature), Roger F$*@king Federer.

From the first point in the match, your strategy showed that you had thought single-mindedly and very hard about conquering Novak and making your first Grand Slam final since the 2010 Australian Open.

Your serving was absolutely impeccable, and the forehand and backhand were cleaner than they’ve been in quite a while. Your net clearance was consistently higher, yet you managed to land the ball deep near the baseline to keep Nole honest.

Your strength and athleticism made it seem that you were the one who was 24-years-old once again. The artistry in your shot-making and movement around the court resulted in, perhaps, your best match on clay ever.

Instead of seeming like choking for all money when Nole served for the fourth set at 5-4, you came roaring back with a self-belief that showed you are, undoubtedly, the best male tennis player ever.

Some Novak fans would say the five-day lay-off was too much to handle coming in against a form player like you. On the other hand, some might also say that Novak played one of his worst matches of the year, making too many errors on his normally assured two-handed backhand. However, you did your job perfectly on Court Philippe Chatrier, and rose to the occasion where lesser mortals may have folded.

You have shown yet again that your serve and your forehand remain your greatest weapons, and whatever you did with your backhand (gluten-free perhaps?) is paying great dividends.

I believe this is your best chance to beat Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros in all the years you two have faced off here. A victory in the final would firmly and securely cement your place as the greatest player of all time, since a few people still tend to talk about your lone French Open title with an asterisk (Rafa-less) attached to it.

While winning the semi-final you also handed Novak Djokovic a severe lesson in the quantum of mental strength needed to come in as a favorite with "the streak" and the No. 1 ranking on the line, and then actually deliver. I hope he will be stronger with this experience going forward, because as his fan I would like him to take over your mantle of King of the Tennis Court when you finally decide to hang up your racquet.

So once again, I would like to put any animosity attached with the semi-final loss behind me and proudly stand behind you as you look to end your Rafa-inflicted torture at Roland Garros on Sunday. Allez Roger!!!


A Djokovic fan since 2007