NHL Offseason Movement: 10 GMs and Coaches Who Should Not Be Back

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IIMay 31, 2011

NHL Offseason Movement: 10 GMs and Coaches Who Should Not Be Back

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    With 28 NHL teams in the offseason already, it is time to start thinking about some front office changes. Players come and go every offseason, but it is much more rare to see a coach, and even a general manager, depart in the offseason.

    This summer should be axe season for coaches and GMs who did not do a good enough job for their franchises.

    Without further ado, here are 10 GMs and head coaches that should either be canned or step down this offseason.

New York Rangers GM: Glen Sather

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    Glen Sather is not only the GM, but he is also the president of the New York Rangers. A resignation is the only likely outcome for the Rangers to replace him.

    Sather has been in office since 2000 when he came to the Rangers from Edmonton. It did not start out well for him, and the past few seasons have not been great either.

    The Rangers are one of the most storied franchises in the league, and the past couple seasons have really been an embarrassment to the fans and the organization. Sather is responsible for bringing in a lot of washed-up, aging veterans.

Edmonton Oilers GM: Steve Tambellini

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    Steve Tambellini inherited a good Edmonton Oilers team when he was promoted in 2008. Since then though, the franchise has taken a complete 180.

    The Oilers have finished last in their division for the past two seasons and only managed 62 points in each year.

    Tambellini's offseason deals have never panned out or have fallen through. Tambellini acquired Danny Heatley, who refused to play in Edmonton. He also traded away Dustin Penner, who went on to have his best season as a pro after his departure.

San Jose Sharks Coach: Todd McLellan

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    I really like Todd McLellan, but he may have to go this offseason. He has had tremendous success in the regular season, but has not seemed to break through in the playoffs when it matters most.

    The Sharks might have been outmatched in the Conference Finals, but a scapegoat has to be named.

Colorado Avalanche GM: Greg Sherman

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    Greg Sherman took over the Colorado franchise in 2009 and immediately had to make changes. Joe Sakic, the franchise's only captain, retired, and Sherman had to replace him. The club announced that Adam Foote was going to take Sakic's place.

    Also in his first offseason, Sherman pulled the trigger on a trade that sent Ryan Smyth, who was the team's top scorer, to the Los Angeles Kings.

    Colorado finished with 68 points this season.

Philadelphia Flyers Coach: Peter Laviolette

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    Like Todd McLellan in San Jose, someone has to be the scapegoat for the Flyers disappointing playoff run. Again, Laviolette is a guy I like and admire, but I am not sure he gels with all his players.

    The whole Chris Pronger/ Mike Richards thing is another thing that he has to deal with on an everyday basis.

Atlanta Thrashers Coach: Craig Ramsay

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    The Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg for next year's NHL season. They might as well have an entire changing of the guard as they move across the Canadian border.

    Atlanta has been a struggling franchise for awhile now. Hopefully Ramsay has the team headed in the right direction though.

Ottawa Senators GM: Bryan Murray

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    Ever since the Senators made the Stanley Cup Finals back in 2007, the franchise has not even gotten close to returning.

    Bryan Murray hoped to change that when he took over as GM in 2007. Over the course of his current tenure, Murray has fired three head coaches in four seasons. Maybe it is not the coaches' fault.

Toronto Maple Leafs Coach: Ron Wilson

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    The proud Toronto franchise has been anything but rich since they lost Pat Quinn in 2006.

    Ron Wilson took over as head coach in 2008 and brought a well-established coaching resume with him. Even so, the Maple Leafs have failed to make the playoffs under Wilson in his three seasons with the club. That is unacceptable for the Toronto franchise.

New York Rangers Coach: John Tortorella

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    John Tortorella has been the Rangers coach for the past two-plus seasons, but is most remembered for taking the Tampa Bay Lightning to their first Stanley Cup in 2004.

    The Rangers and their fans deserve a better club and a better performance each night at MSG. Either the GM or the head coach has to go after three sub-par seasons.

New York Islanders GM: Garth Snow

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    With no front office experience, Garth Snow was immediately promoted into the GM position for the Islanders after his official retirement.

    In his first season, Snow won the NHL's Executive of the Year and put together a decent Islanders club that has been in shambles for years. After 2007, it was more of the same for the Islanders as they have finished last in their division the past four seasons. A huge contract given out to goalie Rick DiPietro might be the rallying point for a firing.