Winnipeg Has Its Team, Now What Other Canadian Cities Deserve One?

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Winnipeg Has Its Team, Now What Other Canadian Cities Deserve One?
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The NHL will officially announce it's returning to the city of Winnipeg in the next couple of days. I say good for them, they deserve to be back in the NHL. I can name a few other Canadian cities that deserve a team in the league.

The problem that Canada has is that there seems to be a little bit of bias against us from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't but there has been more evidence to support the former option.

Every time there has been a chance for a team to come to Canada recently, it seems that Gary Bettman himself has shown up to shut down any Canadian's hope of seeing another team closer to home.

Now all of a sudden, Gary Bettman has finally let a team move to Canada. It is unfortunate for the city of Atlanta to lose their team, and if any fan's should be mad at Bettman, its Thrashers fans.

The fact that he fought so hard to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix just to let Atlanta move would really tick me off if I was a fan of them.

Now here a few more Canadian cities that should have an NHL team.

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