French Open: Legendary Announcer Bud Collins and His 25 Most Ridiculous Outfits

Jaideep Vaidya@@jaideepjournoAnalyst IMay 31, 2011

French Open: Legendary Announcer Bud Collins and His 25 Most Ridiculous Outfits

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    Sure, the French Open does enjoy its share of haute couture with the likes of Givenchy, YSL, Dior, etc. parading around the courts.

    The players aren't far behind either and have been slowly drawing the shutterbugs away from the Parisian crowd over the last few years.

    But as I watch the tournament progress, I've noticed that Roland Garros is missing that zing, that spark, that touch of gaudiness that'll make you say, "Now that's what I'm talkin 'bout!" And I don't mean the Williams sisters!

    Roland Garros is missing Bud Collins—the fashion icon.

    A legendary sports columnist and commentator by profession, Bud is more famously known for his signature bow ties and custom-made pants designed from fabrics he collects from his travels around the world.

    Bud Collins has given a whole new definition to the term haute couture.

    Bud Collins can shut down Paris' Golden Triangle in a matter of minutes if he were to appear there.

    Bud Collins once made my eight-year-old self ask my dad, "Why is a clown interviewing Steffi Graf?"

    And here's why.


25. The King of Bhutan

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    Bud is pictured wearing trousers made out of fabric he picked up during his trip to Bhutan. 

    Bhutan was voted as the happiest country in Asia. I'm pretty sure Bud had a lot to do with it!

24. Shanghai Knight

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    Bud is politically savvy and maintains good relations with China. 

    Here, he's seen with fabric he got from his trip to Shanghai.

23. Aboriginal Bud

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    Bud shows his love for the indigenous people with this Aboriginal fabric he got from Australia.

    Kind of hypnotic if you stare at it!

22. Bud Goes to Bollywood

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    Bud decides to go Bollywood with these pink floral trousers he made from fabric found in India.

    Such designs were commonplace in Bollywood in the '70s.

21. Flower Power 1

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    Bud shows his love for flowers with this fabric from Italy.

20. The Bud Cup

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    Patrick McEnroe seems intrigued by Bud's Davis Cup trousers.

    They depict the Davis Cup trophy along with the flags of the winning nations until 1999, when this picture was taken.

19. The Italian Job

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    These are Bud's Italian Open men's final trousers made from fabric recovered from a Sardinian election banner.

    I admire the commitment!

18. Bud Goes Yachting

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    Bud found a bolt of fabric made for the owners of an America's Cup yacht and had it made into trousers.

17. Designer Bud

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    Bud even got Italian fashion house Etro to design trousers for him.

16. Pink Is My Color

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    Bud sure does seem to adore the colour pink. Many of his attires display the colour in some or the other way.

    This particular one sees him go all pink and resemble a little girl's bedroom walls.

15. 'Bud'dhist Excursion

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    Bud showcases his secular beliefs with this saffron fabric used by Buddhist monks that he found in Bangkok.

    The trousers are part of his traditional Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony attire.

    Notice the red shoes he found in Paris.

14. Rumble in the Jungle

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    Bud defines his coverage of the "Rumble in the Jungle" fight between Mohammed Ali and George Foreman as one of his career highlights. 

    He celebrates the occasion with this fabric from Zaire, Africa.

13. Floral Bud

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    Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

12. Bud the Striper

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    Bud adds stripes to his pink this time with these Marimekko fabric trousers.

11. Maorian Bud

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    Indigenous love yet again with trousers made from Maori fabric Bud got from his trip to New Zealand.

10. You Are My Sunshine!

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    Bud brightens up your day with another variant of his Marimekko fabric trousers.

9. Bud—the Gadget Freak

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    If you thought Bud is an analog octogenarian in a digital world, think again!

    He even got RCA to design pants for him!

    And I have it on good authority that he's planning a takeover on Apple! Sshh, don't tell anyone!

8. Catalan Bud

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    Bud manages to draw your attention away from Maria Sharapova with these trousers made from Catalan flags.

    Such are his powers!

7. Aboriginal Bud 2

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    Yet another sample of Aboriginal fabric.

    Although they do make his lower half look like a very colourful aquarium!

6. The Bud Olympics

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    Bud shows his love for the five rings with this fabric made from assorted Olympic flags during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

5. Bud Goes Camping

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    Bud shows his love for the outdoors with this teepee fabric found in Taos, New Mexico. 

4. Bud Loves Ikea

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    Bud resembles the Swedish national flag in this attire.

3. Tangerine Bud

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    Bud shows his love for Bhutan again with these trousers made from the Bhutanese flag.

2. Flower Power 2

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    Bud continues to display his passion for flowers in this trouser fabric he bought during the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

    Gabriella Sabatini's polka dot attire just adds to the absurdity quotient.

1. The Strawberry Festival

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    This was the first time I looked at a man and said, "Yum!'

    Bud got this strawberry pattern in a drapery shop in Rome.

    These are his official Wimbledon men's final trousers.