Toronto Maple Leafs: Calling All Haters and Bashers

Sean PaddisonCorrespondent IMay 24, 2011

Leafs play "squish the goal scorer".
Leafs play "squish the goal scorer".Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

So you love to hate the Leafs? 

Or you are bored out of your tree this spring due to another playoff-less season for your beloved Leafs.

Well, now that I have your attention, let's get down to it.

Why do so many people love to hate the Leafs?

Is it because you were once a Leafs fan and got tired of feeling humiliated year after year for cheering for a team that never delivers a championship?

Could it be that it makes you sick to your stomach that the Leafs have been run by a bunch of greedy money-loving suits who could care less about hockey and its fans?

Could it be you're just pissed at life in general and the Leafs are an easy target?

Lastly, could it be that your completely put off by the fact that the home to the Hockey Hall of fame is also home to hockey's team of shame?

One thing is undeniable, there are a LOT of Leafs haters out there.

Myself, I like to poke fun at the Leafs, I like to tear into things I may find disconcerting about the team. However I am proud to say I have NEVER hated the Leafs.

Now I have developed a pretty big hate on for the Senators, but I won't get into that right now (just remember to bring a can of soup if your wearing your Leafs jersey to a Sens-Leafs game).

The sad fact is that hockey means a lot to a great many hockey fans in the GTA and the fact that they haven't had a cup in over 40 years is a real shame.

But what does one do, blame the players? Blame the management? Blame the media?

To be honest, it's pretty hard to point a finger at one person as the cause of the Leafs' woes.

I think most of it boils down to pressure caused by time and bad decisions.

I'm interested to find out what makes a Leaf hater tick. What makes them love to hate the Leafs so much.

I bleed blue and white. Seems bleeding is all Leafs fans have been doing for a great amount of time.

I am, however, encouraged by what has been happening in the league with teams being unable to dominate for more than a year or two and with talent being stretched more, I think this gives the Leafs a better chance now than in a long time.

Some say it's the Garden's curse, but the Leafs haven't played there in years and I think there probably aren't very many people in the organization left carrying that karma with them these days.

My hope is that the Ferguson stench has finally fled the Leafs locker room and the Leafs can once again move forward with some sort of optimism. One can only hope.

Well if the Leafs continue on in their losing ways next year, at least the haters will be happy.