2011 French Open: Excuses R Us.

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2011 French Open: Excuses R Us.
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In what is destined to be one of the most tightly contested Grand Slam events in recent history, the 2011 French Open is set to leave tempers flying, hopes dashed and emotions running high.

256 singles players will take part in the tournament and 254 will lose. There will be excuses—some will be funny, some will be strange and some will just be downright ridiculous.

Here are some of the excuses you can expect:

1) I had Glandular Fever.

2) Mirka is pregnant.

3) I outplayed the other guy but got unlucky on the big points—it was as good as a victory.

4) He kept hitting to my backhand—disgusting underhand tactics.

5) The weather was too warm.

6) I tanked that set to lure him into a false sense of security for the next one.

7) The fact that I earned a break point in the first set proves that I will undoubtedly have a great chance to win the tournament next year.

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8) Playing Nadal in the final is as good as a win.

9) He didn't win, it was a draw. 

10) I was burnt out from my hugely successful clay court season, whereas he was fully fit.

11) Well, what do you think happens when one guy is lucky and the other one is not?

12) Blame Nike for not providing me with more than one shirt, which lead to the sweat, which caused me to shank my forehand.

13) His constant toweling down put me off.

14) He won because he's a lefty.

15) My draw was too easy, so I wasn't properly tested before the final—hence the rustiness.

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