Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg Not a Done Deal: Winnipeg Lead on Yet Again

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Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg Not a Done Deal:  Winnipeg Lead on Yet Again
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The SkinnyThe News

Hockey news outlets are overflowing with reports that the Atlanta Thrashers are on their way to Winnipeg, making seemingly an entire city's hopes come true with one story.  But apparently The Toronto Globe and Mail jumped the gun in reporting the news earlier today, stating in an article that the deal was done and that it would be announced on Tuesday.

Not so fast.

As reported by ESPN, no deal is in place just yet.

A source from True North was quoted by ESPN's website, stating the following: "It's simply not true; it's not a done deal."

A source also reported to long-time ESPN hockey analyst Pierre LeBrun that the group is involved in ongoing negotiations with the Atlanta Thrashers for a move to Winnipeg.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has been refuting the reports of a deal coming close to being done for a week now, and will undoubtedly continue to do so. 

So What's the Fallout? My Two Cents

It depends on who you're asking.  If I'm a native of Winnipeg, I am getting fed up with news outlets trying to get the jump on a story after working for the better part of the decade to win a team back.  I understand that the Toronto Globe and Mail was doing what it was supposed to do in reporting breaking news.

But this seems like a story that was close, but not quite close enough, to being entirely true.  The language in the report was anything but speculative.  It was factual, going as far as to state that Bettman was on his way to Winnipeg to announce the deal.

Now True North—the group that has been vying for a franchise for all this time—is outright denying that a finalized deal is in place.

It may be just me, but this comes across as somewhat irresponsible.  The blogs (this one included) are blowing up over this story.  Just google it, and you'll see what I mean.  People are celebrating.

Fans must feel like they just found out Santa Claus isn't real, or that Mark Messier was actually from Finland.

This may be news to us, but this is serious heart n' soul stuff to these people. 

Stay tuned.  I'm sure this will only get more interesting.

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